Who’s That Boy? – Cade Maddox & Teddy Torres @MEN.COM

MEN.COM: What do you do when you wake up with a sexy, dark-haired Cade Maddox in your bed? Hairy stud Teddy Torres doesn’t remember anything, but he’s wide awake and ready to fuck! A 69 ensues with muscular Teddy sucking on Cade’s monster cock while getting his furry hole rimmed by the tall and lean hunk. They soon discover Cade was actually his roommate’s one night stand, but Cade is already dick deep inside his bubble butt so there’s nothing left to do but finish up this round of big dick drilling.

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20 comments on “Who’s That Boy? – Cade Maddox & Teddy Torres @MEN.COM
  1. Avatar Biman96 says:

    Hot men

  2. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Hot men, despite the studio’s usual nonsense….

  3. Avatar jonat says:

    Not a Teddy Torres fan, but Cade is quite sexy.

  4. Avatar pmaul says:

    The hairy Latin guy (Torres?) for me.

  5. Avatar Jerry11 says:

    Not a Torres fan either with the dumb tats. Cade is a HOTTIE!

  6. Avatar seekking says:

    I’d take Torres any day. love that hairy body !

  7. Avatar gary47 says:

    I love the hair on Torres and the smooth body on Cade, I of course will take both. Woof Woof.

  8. Avatar ljg says:

    Both very hot men, Teddy is handsome besides sexy.

  9. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    I’m sure most of us wake to this problem pretty much every day. LOL
    Both very hot studs with impressive endowments – damn! I’m a sucker for a hairy guy though – edge to Teddy

  10. Avatar irakeven says:

    code for me, the other guy’s too much like freddie mercury for my liking

  11. Avatar bimale1954 says:

    Hot cocks, I want them both!

  12. Avatar down_to_earth_man says:

    the man with the hair and the foreskin please and thank you 🙂

  13. Avatar hryhnl says:

    Hot pair – hairy, masculine and uncut vs thick veiny dick…would love to be in the middle of these two!

  14. Avatar parkboy says:

    NICE BITTS————and luv the ink too

  15. Avatar jimmybananas says:

    Too much dark ink on the hairy guy … smooth guy’s tats are much more subtle, and he’s hot!

  16. Avatar cardiffmikey says:

    Teddy for me – hands down

  17. Avatar _Clay says:

    Both very hot men, but I like that incredible hairy body on Teddy. He is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. Only drawback on this sexy bear of a man is that giant tattoo. Don’t mind tattoos too much but that thing is gawdy. But he is so sexy it would not matter. Wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with Cade either.

  18. Avatar bike69 says:

    Love to join in,

  19. Avatar gayplaygay says:

    Liked the older guy right off but fell in lust when I saw he bottoms.