WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Quentin Gainz OR Princeton Price?


ACTIVE DUTY: These two elites jump right at it with some deep passionate kissing. They have a great time together and are fully into the moment. They warm up each other’s bodies by letting their hands explore every inch while their mouths are locked together. Princeton makes his way down Quentin’s ripped body and pulls his hard cock out and begins taking every inch down his throat. Princeton is very skillful with a hard cock in his mouth as Quentin kicks back in enjoyment. Princeton moves to Quentin’s smooth ass as he flips him over and spreads his cheeks wide revealing his tight hole. Princeton uses his tongue to fuck that little ass as he grips those cheeks with his hands. Quentin can barely take it and doesn’t want to cum just yet so he has Princeton lay on his back and begins to suck on his hard dick giving him the same pleasure he received. Quentin blows that hard dick and makes his way down towards Princeton’s smooth ass and he rims him deep and sensually making his tight hole dripping wet. Princeton is ready for that ass so he bends Quentin over and starts to fuck him deep and hard with his raw throbbing cock. Quentin moans with enjoyment as he feels every inch of that hard cock spreading his tight ass open. Quentin bends him over and pushes his dick into this tight ass fucking him passionately. He flips him onto his back and spreads his legs out wide and pushes his throbbing cock balls deep while sucking on Princeton’s toes which make him go wild. Quentin keeps fucking him hard until Princeton’s load explodes showing himself with cum. He’s amazed by how much he nutted and while rubbing his own cum Quentin is masturbating until he covers Princeton with his warm cum.

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14 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Quentin Gainz OR Princeton Price?
  1. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    I’d choose both.

  2. Avatar Biman96 says:

    Both for me

  3. Avatar bimale1954 says:

    Both for me as well

  4. Avatar down_to_earth_man says:

    neither one

  5. Avatar pmaul says:

    Not for me. (I’m glad they didn’t pose, though!)

  6. Avatar Jerry11 says:

    Both are gorgeous except for the “artwork” destroying their fab bods. Just not a fan of tats. Althou, if I get bored with the one, I have some reading material, if I get bored. lol

  7. webbo3 webbo3 says:

    Both but if I had to choose one it would be Quentin…..he looks better without that beard

  8. Avatar gary47 says:

    BOTH no question about it woof woof.

  9. Avatar suckmedry1 says:

    Quentin, hands down.

  10. Avatar msbtm says:

    two nice looking guys with two real nice looking cocks. I’d certainly take ’em both.

  11. Avatar hole_stretcher says:

    i want to flip with both

  12. Avatar Heythere250 says:

    both are hot but Quentin is hot

  13. Avatar bike69 says:

    One few times I will pass.

  14. Avatar anidlemind3 says:

    Quentin has a lovely butthole