who would YOU CHOOSE? Blake Hunter OR Carlos Lindo?



RAGING STALLION: ‘The Super’, Riley Mitchel is working on the vents in his building when he stumbles on Carlos Lindo and Blake Hunter naked in bed. Riley watches them through the vent as he pulls out his dick with one hand and hits record on his phone with the other. Blake is hungry for cock and gets down between Carlos’ open legs to take him all the way down his throat. Carlos is happy with the reception his cock is getting but wants more control. Carlos gets on his knees with Blake still in front of him and face fucks the hungry cocksucker. Blake is revved up from the throbbing dick in his throat when he tells Carlos to take his turn sucking his dick. Carlos is happy to get in front of the hard hunk and gets to work polishing his pole. It’s a cock-sucking frenzy as the two studs keep swapping warm mouths on hard dicks. Blake is up at bat with Carlos planted deep down his throat when Carlos decides to let loose and give Blake what he wants. Blake chokes down the entire load cum Carlos has to offer and then stands up to return the favor. Carlos gets on his knees in front of the ready-to-burst stud and waits for the load he’s about to receive. Blake busts a nut all over Carlos’ chest and beard, leaving both hunky studs satisfied and drenched in cum.

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5 comments on “who would YOU CHOOSE? Blake Hunter OR Carlos Lindo?
  1. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Blake. Carlos lost points due to his bleached blonde hair, doesn’t complement his skin tone.

  2. Avatar Biman96 says:


  3. Avatar dave300 says:

    Beards an tattoos – whatever happened to the good looking guys you used to show sometimes. Have they all left the business?

  4. Avatar needmen says:

    Beards AND tattoos……arent they wonderful???
    Blake for me…..those legs!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar BigDave1955 says:

    I’m supposed to make up my mind between these two? Not gonna happen. I don’t even mind Carlos’s ridiculous hair.