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5 comments on “#SquirtRoundup
  1. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Some hot stuff. I get these men are in the business of selling sex and fantasy, their posts are just small teases for the viewers to pay to see their own stuff. You can just as easily find their studio work for free.

  2. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    A lot of hot stuff. Great pics from Griffin and Ace Era (interesting message).
    On the other hand: Alam Wernick – twink with the pink hearts?? Talk about the stereotypes not always being wrong. Definitely not my thing.
    Ryan Cummings – must be a sure sign I’m getting old (or maybe just smart) but despite all the advances re HIV / undetectable viral loads; PEP and Prep; being aware of your status with regular checks; there are a lot of other STD’s and STI’s out there and that was all I could think about with a bunch of guys stopping by to pump him full of load after load.

  3. Avatar usechris says:

    Agreed hrychsliv69

  4. Avatar iam1cocksucker says:

    Lots of GRANDE men…
    Absolutely love Skyy Knox…
    Stunning body…
    Stunning backside…
    Stunning strong tight and so impressive ASS ! ! !

  5. Avatar kellboi says:

    roundup is the best on site here. Love watching the video pics before going out cruising