Are You the Top Bottom?

Bottoming is hard work. First of all, you need to do the preparation. This is the part tops don’t usually witness. It’s the half our squeezing and squatting that makes the magic of sex possible.

Next there’s the warming up. No one does a black diamond course their first time skiing – and no one goes from tight hole to huge cock without a little training. Many bottoms do a bit of behind-the-scenes warming up so that they’re good to go when it’s time to get it on.

All this is to say that bottoming is an impressive feat when you think about all of the time it takes to become good at it. That’s why today we’re going to explore some of the tell-tale signs that someone is a truly gifted bottom.

1. A Wild Ride

Starfish bottoms are the worst kind of hookup. You know the type — that bottom who just lays there and expects the top to plow him, face down on the bed. Now while going to town on a submissive bottom might be a top’s dream, it usually involves a little more engagement on the bottom’s part, regardless of the dom/sub dynamic.

But for every starfish bottom there is one who knows how to work a dick. Who knows how to climb on top and rock his man’s world by rocking his hips. In addition to being able to take dick well, the bottom needs to know how to move his body in a way that is both hot to watch and feels good.

But wait, there’s more. Riding a guy while facing him is impressive, but riding him in reverse is a whole other skill. Because of the general upward curve of a cock, it can be logistically challenging to ride in reverse without bending the top’s dick in an uncomfortable way. That’s what makes this kind of bottoming impressive. When you get the angle just right, it feels great, and the top gets a hot view of his cock sliding in and out of your hole.


2. Big Challenges

This one’s pretty obvious, but surprisingly rare. For a culture seemingly obsessed with huge dicks, not that many bottoms can actually take a monster in the bedroom. It seems many bottoms talk the talk, but can they take the cock?

Now if you want to master riding big cocks, it’s going to take practice. This means getting toys that scale up in size and slowly conquering each one until your hole can go from pinhole to highway underpass with relative ease.

Of course it isn’t all about girth. Sometimes taking a long cock is challenging, too. That said, a bottom who can handle length and girth is a true gem.


3. Props to Fisting

There are few bottoming feats as tough as taking an entire hand up your ass. That’s just the truth. It requires similar training to taking huge cocks. Practice, practice, practice, and a whole lot of lube.

The reason fisting is such an allure is that sometimes the feeling of your ass being spread wide is more intense than having it penetrated deep.

All that in mind, it doesn’t really need to be explained why being able to take a fist is impressive. If you can take a fist, you can take just about anything.


4. Double Trouble

Sometimes handling one top is tough, but handling two can be exhausting. Twice the dick means twice the wear and tear on your hole, and in the case of double penetration, twice the stretching.

A loud and proud bottom will have mastered the art of doubling up.

And for those looking to try this out for the first time – start small. Don’t go trying to get two monsters in there on your first try. Work your way up and you’ll be straddling two hung studs in no time.


5. Endurance

Bottoming takes a tole after a while, and one man can only tolerate having his insides knocked around for so long. That said, a good bottom has built up the stamina to take cock for a good while before tapping out.

The secret, however, in addition to practice, is not being ashamed to add more lube. Your body is a machine and it needs to be well-lubricated if the moving parts are going to hold up.

A master bottom isn’t afraid to keep going and isn’t afraid to demand the lube he needs to do that.

What do you think makes a good bottom? Comment down below.

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23 comments on “Are You the Top Bottom?
  1. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Non passive, tight, and good hygiene.

  2. Avatar Navaragray says:

    More bottom love being stretched and feeling his balls slapping me.

  3. Avatar Jerry11 says:

    Dang, what hot cocks! Nice to see only 2 tats.

  4. Avatar paul43p says:

    put a good top on a good bottom and its like I am in haven

  5. Avatar jimmybananas says:

    Love a bottom who rides cowboy on my hard cock and shoots his load on my chest and face … makes me cum like crazy inside him

  6. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    No one ever says or advises to take a few Advil and slam a few beers. You’re gunna loosen up. I can’t handle alcohol these days but when I used to, I could feel myself loosen up there, no jokes, and I wanted one in me!

    Hell, I knew a guy, and believe me when I say he was damn near straight, could take my cock better than most power bottoms who’ve been in porn 10 years! Mindset and pain threshold do factor in.

  7. Avatar pmaul says:

    Washing the tunnel before the train.

  8. Avatar Usermanual says:

    I am an enthusiastic Bottom guy. I took my first cock balls deep when I was a teenager, now so man years later I am used to taking large cocks hard and deep. I enjoy a good stretching as well. I seem to be able to supply my own lube back there, I never get dry. I take the time to properly prep before anal fun, once thoroughly cleansed I insert some coconut butter for some natural lube and let that set in 30 minutes before sex. I enjoy most all positions, for me doggy is good but I prefer on my back with legs up and back for good access. Very much enjoy having my top guy’s balls slapping my cheeks as he drives in. I also enjoy reverse cowgirl as it feels great, more of a relaxed tempo and my top gets the best hottest view of his cock sliding in and out. I enjoy long sessions. I can achieve prostate orgasm’s from a talented Top. I do not focus on my cock at all until my Top is spent and satisfied, then I usually jerk off my load while he watches. I enjoy bareback.., nothing better than skin on skin, I just need to know my Top guy is safe n clean. When it is time for my guy to blow that load he can dump it deep in my manhole or pull out and I will finish him in my mouth… I love cum! For my bucket list, I would have two hot hung tops in one session, taking turns on me.. or even a group of tops, …must admit to having a tendency towards being a bit of a slut cum pig…lol.

    • Avatar biskit says:

      Talented tops are worth their weight in gold! NOTHING better than a talented top working that spot just right.
      Closet married guys ae the worst tops by far.

  9. Avatar tightass2900 says:

    No one has commented on the types of prep for the types of Cocks. Small cocks – a quick (1-2)squirt douche is sufficient since they never penetrate pass the sphincter but still love that fast hit and run from a short hard man. Medium cocks- take a few larger(3-4)squirts to make sure if they do get a little deep there are no mishaps to spoil your fun. Large/monster cocks need approx. an hour to prep could be as much as 8-10 douche squirts over a period of time to make sure you are deep down fully clean… These guys will usually fuck you for an extended session and if there is a hint of material left those thick long delicious cocks will find it. Total bottom here and hopefully one day I aspire to be a POWER Bottom but like the article says “Practice..Practice..Practice” 🙂

  10. Avatar tightone4bigone says:

    Most tops seem not to understand that lube is their best friends. Going easy at first while making sure a bottom is well lubed and comfortable can only guarantees that they get to go deeper and longer in. Stop going cheap on it and get those holes lubed up!!

  11. Avatar sparkplug says:

    Love being a bottom. The preparation sucks though but it’s worth it not to have a mess!

  12. Avatar fitfunfriend says:

    Loved this! As a proud bottom boy, being clean is tantamount before you mount! I actually like the ritual of cleaning up but it is a chore for sure and it takes time to do it right. I feel super confident when I know I have prepped well though and I like to use toys after cleaning to make sure any residual liquid spills out before I finally ride my man! I’ve yet to take a fist but I have to say hell yeah to double penetration, been a while but I have some fond memories of being shared by a few hot, hung couples. I am also blessed with a pretty tight hole and it can be hard to get inside me but I somehow open up and am a total size boy, the bigger the better for me. It doesn’t help that I am reasonable well endowed too, as I kind of prefer my tops to be at least a little bigger than me so that means 8 plus minimum… using toys before as I alluded earlier also helps me not be overwhelmed by bigger cocks which can take more getting used to if I don’t at least finger myself a little bit. No one’s mentioned poppers yet which can be another boon for bigger bones but too much gives me a headache and let’s face it, they’re not healhty …having said that, a little sin is always acceptable in my opinion but you know what they say about those …something about assholes I think, since we’re on the subject! Thanks Squirt, this post was inspiring 🙂

  13. Avatar mbjk1956 says:

    I’m a versatile bottom who’s looking for a good/great top or two. I have never found a top that can go more than 10 minutes before he’s either too tired or busted his nut too soon. I need to be used for hours.

  14. Avatar senior60 says:

    Great set. Especially loved the fisting and double fuck.

  15. Avatar torgrimm says:

    I am vers but have lately been enjoying a cock in my ass better than fucking. I had a few dozon fucks from top only men before I met a guy that was a true vers flip fuck partner like I am. We fucked each other for four hours straight and we both had never had such a plesurable time bottoming. Now I almost only let vers guys fuck me, Not that I really care about being able to stick my cock in them unless they want to, but guys that really appreciate being a bottom are the only men that really fuck well too. Now my bi GF and other women I know that have had bi men as lovers all seem to agree that vers guys fuck better. I firmly believe even straight men are not only missing out on the incredible pleasure of getting fucked but are doing thier female lovers a disservice by not learning how to really be a good appreciative bottom.
    Even you are totally straight guys, find a good vers gay or bi man to show you the way and you will be suprised how well your wife or GFs respond to your new ability to connect with them while making love or even just having full on gorilla sex.

  16. Avatar bike69 says:

    Great set of photos of the joys of being a top and bottom. When comes to fucking the desire is for both to enjoy the erotic and sensual pleasures of gay sex.

  17. Avatar bimm_anoka says:

    I am a btm….but it has taken a while to while to become that. I need to douche with an enema bottle about three bottles to clean out to make sure that my topper does not get fecal matter on his condom.

    Mu problem is that I get dry fast and still have not found a good lube to use. My present partner said that I am just ot demanding…but I feel the scrape and it does not become a pleasant event. What type of lube is best to use?

  18. Avatar bigga8 says:

    for me a good bottom is someone who does not complains that they can’t take anymore and wants you to cum

  19. Avatar gayplaygay says:

    Bottoms need to be clean and like to be fisted that being said I love a guy with a soft interior rather than a muscular interior.

  20. Avatar excoach says:

    It is all well and good to be able to open wide, but what about the shit spots in your pants, and worse, if things are a little loose down there, more than just a spot before you can get to a toilet? Have a friend who now wears Depends for a few days after a big stretch until he tightens up again. But also a few who can tighten up just fine. As a versatile bi top, it is a lot harder to get a woman off by fucking than a man and guys appreciate my skills – I can go as long as a bottom wants me to.

  21. Avatar kellboi says:

    I love to bottom for muscle guys and bears that like long lasting and slow fucking. I have a sensitive prostate so I cum at times while being fucked and squirt all over with my dick erect. Have practiced with all sizes of butt plugs and been an easy entry by the time I was 20. So I find the advise here well said

  22. Avatar donkeydickrider says:

    btm I like huge massive hung top