Plant Your Seed for #NationalPlantAFlowerDay

Some seeds grow tulips, some grow trees, and some grow shrubs. But the best kind of seed gets planted without turning into anything at all. That’s right, we’re talking bout cum. There’s nothing quite as sexy as watching cum shoot in or on a guy.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the best 5 places to plant your seed.

1. The Face

There’s something irresistible about stroking it right above a handsome dude’s face. The anticipation on his face, the desire in his eye, and the sight of him stroking himself to the thought of your warm load are enough to make you shoot on its own. Plus, we can’t forget the big grin you get afterwards as his chin drips with your jizz.

2. Chest

Not everyone appreciates a warm load to the face, but most people are open to a chest cum shot. A nice sculpted chest is easy on the eyes, and even easier on the eyes when it’s dripping in cum.

3. On an Ass

Finishing on a guy’s ass is like claiming your territory. It says – I was here and I fucked this sexy ass. It makes for an appetizing view. After all – doesn’t every cake need a little icing?

4. In an Ass.

If cumming on a guy’s ass is claiming it, cumming in it feels like branding it. It’s a sexy act of dominance and intimacy that makes that spectacular finish, even better.

5. All Over Yourself.

There’s something satisfying about shooting all over yourself. You get a better sense of how big your load is and how far it shot. Because let’s face it, we’ve all used our bodies as measuring tapes for load distance.

Where is your favourite place to cum?

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18 comments on “Plant Your Seed for #NationalPlantAFlowerDay
  1. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Some great cum shots from hot studs.

  2. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    I agree….again 69. Get outta my head today. LOL

  3. Avatar brumieboy2 says:

    defo cum on face and in mouth

  4. Avatar tomwench says:

    as of right now, in someone’s mouth but I would love to fuck an ass bareback and just dump my load in their ass.

  5. Avatar tomwench says:

    watching a guy get fucked and taking the fucker’s hot cum load is about HOT HOT HOT to watch.

  6. Avatar guymeat1 says:

    Very nice… it it the mouth the most…next on the face….of course in a group just cover me in it from head to toe but am happiest when swallowing load after load after load! YUMMMMMMM

  7. Avatar catcher234 says:

    HOT! Love guys blowing seed in me and on me!

  8. Avatar showitoff says:

    Oh yeah! I love cum shots! esp in my mouth and on my face! Some great sperm shots in those pics!

  9. Avatar candoself says:

    Oh my ! Anything BB Raw ! I love a huge cum inside me then having my top watch me finger his goo from my hole and watch me lick and suck my fingers clean. Then I love to go to him and clean his cock with my mouth tongue & lips ! Quite often it gets him so hot he shoots again all over my face ! Love BB Porn in Reel Life and in Real Life !

  10. Avatar pmaul says:

    A creamfest!

  11. Avatar gary47 says:

    All over my face, chest, ass, and definitely deep in my ass. Yes Let me start dong the oral clean up at the first one and work to the end. Love to eat an ass filled with cum. Woof Woof

  12. Avatar scot_bottom says:

    I love it in my mouth. Can’t waste a drop.

  13. Avatar usechris says:

    both gorgeous

  14. Avatar bike69 says:

    So many ways to enjoy the rewards or cum.

  15. Avatar bruce103159 says:

    I like it in my ass and mouth. Love to swallow.

  16. Avatar heythere250 says:

    i love giving facials!!!!

  17. Avatar Topdog73 says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of doing all five. I love to cum on a guy’s ass the most. Pulling the condom off and spewing all over a hot, open hole is fucking killer!!

    Although i have swallowed before(Not a fan), my favorite place for a guy to cum is on my chest. Something about feeling that warm load against my skin is hot!!!