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  1. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    I just can’t get into this guy. I kinda want to, just can’t.

  2. Avatar thorrtonne says:

    Hot guy. Would love to top and fuck and breed him. Ass and body from heaven (for me).

  3. Avatar CTBud says:

    Hell yes ! been a Nate Stetson fan for a while and would def love to get him in bed and have some fun with that ass he’s got on him 😉

  4. Avatar Jerry11 says:

    Nice looking guy all around but uncut cocks are not for me. I will take a pass.

  5. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Checks just about every box. Hot!

  6. Avatar Biman96 says:

    Different guy

  7. Avatar TongueToHole says:


  8. Avatar RI_Red says:

    I agree with hrychstlvr69 . Nate checks all the right boxes for me as well. Love his “retro” look…..and he makes all the right noises when he bottoms.

  9. Avatar bimale1954 says:

    Not sure, the stash just does not suit him.

  10. Avatar hungrybi4u says:

    YES…what a man…love all of him!

  11. Avatar Sweatsnifer says:

    So beautiful and sexy. I have liked this man since he first burst onto the scene.
    He’s simply…..a DREAM!!!

  12. Avatar down_to_earth_man says:


  13. Avatar gary47 says:

    Beautiful hot and I would love to suck that hot uncut cock, balls, eat and rim him swallow his load and fuck his ass and eat him clean again before we flip woof woof. Perfect body with no ink to mess it up woof woof woof!!!

  14. Avatar pmaul says:

    I like him.

  15. Avatar deafblind46 says:

    Yes I would like to have sex with the man and the man will fuck me.

  16. Avatar senior60 says:

    pass, prefer cut

  17. Avatar bike69 says:

    Like dock up with his uncut cock.

  18. Avatar deepthrote says:

    Hot guy and a top too, bonus that he doesn’t have genital mutilation.

  19. Avatar AssRider426 says:

    what a sexy white boy, I would enjoy banging that ass, eating his hole, sucking his toes and kissing his lip as often as I could….

  20. Avatar bigpa says:

    Luv the moustache! …and the foreskin! Hot!

  21. Avatar Tony60416 says:

    Very sexy handsome man!!! He’s got that vintage porn star look!!! So unlike the tatooed overly man scapped cookie cutter types we see so much of! A real man’s man!!!