CHAOS MEN: You may notice that a lot of these guys want to try bottoming there first time, and I suggest they get a butt-plug and get used to the sensation. We have seen a couple guys use butt-plugs to help open them up before fucking them, and I find this works out great. Declan was similar. He likes pumping his cock and having another toy for he and his girl to play with sounded like fun. Declan practiced at home first. When he showed-up for this shoot, he eyed the butt plug I had for him, and he looked concerned. It seemed a lot thicker than the one he got himself! I knew Easton was going to fuck him, and told Declan that Easton had a pretty big cock, so he should give the larger plug a try. He prepped for the shoot, still optimistic.

Easton gets him in the zone with a nice rub down. He slicks up his cock, bringing his soft cock to fully hard with only a minute or so of gentle slick tugging. Declan also loved when Easton licked his hole. Easton flips him over and erotically kisses and lubes up his front side, toying with his cock. He then deep throats Declan’s cock, and you can tell how surprised Declan was that Easton could get it all the way down his throat. Then it came time to insert that butt plug. Easton eases it in as slowly as possible, but that thick part requires an extra push. Declan about jumped off the table. To be honest, I use the close-up shot of the insert in this edit, but the other cameras have Declan’s face in it, and he is looking at me sharply, “What did I get myself into?”

Declan loses a little bit of his hard-on while he adapts to the new sensation. Easton re-directs him to suck his cock, all the while stroking Declan’s recovering cock. With Declan all stretched out, we took advantage of the timing and had Easton replace the toy with his cock. Declan looked pleased and I received no further daggered looks from him. He said he enjoyed it but didn’t think he could cum from it yet. So, I am going to work on him in other shoots to see if we can get him to cum while being fucked. They switch gears, and Easton rides on top of Declan’s cock. Easton’s cock was dripping pre-cum the entire video. Check out how much leaked through his gym shorts at the beginning of the video!

A couple times pre-cum oozed so much that I thought he might cum. Easton also must have though he was going to cum as he batted Declan’s hand away or risk nutting too soon. At this point, Easton was just aching to cum. He gets on his back, and Declan pounds his hole like a pro. With Easton enjoying it so much, he fucked and jerked Easton until he blows a VERY expressive load! So good to see that Declan can multi-task, fucking his boy and also making him cum. He then jerks his own cock, shooting one great glob on Easton hole, then slides his head inside, his cock pulsating as he fills Easton up!

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  1. webbo3 webbo3 says:

    Prefer the other guy…….

  2. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Either will do just fine.

  3. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Baseball caps are NOT flattering on everybody. LOL Otherwise a pretty hot stud. Very hot vid!

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