FUCK YEAH! Atlas Grant and Brian Bonds…

HAIRY AND RAW: There are two schools of thought when it comes to sex. One camp believes it’s the top who’s in charge, because he’s the one fucking. The other camp argues the bottom is in charge, because without the bottom, tops simply wouldn’t have a hole to fuck. It’s kinda like, which came first, the chicken or the egg. Well, we’re not about to open up that can of worms and we don’t know if this scene with Atlas Grant and Brian Bonds will finally lay the argument to rest about tops and bottoms. All we know is that Brian, who makes a good top, makes one hell of an aggressive bottom! Clad in boots and leather gear, he’s hanging out and chilling in a sling, drinking his head. The scruffy blond sex whore soon calls for beefy, hairy muscle bear, Atlas, to serve him more. But mead isn’t the only thing on Brian’s mind. He needs cock. He lets out his inner whore — though, truth be told it wasn’t that well-hidden — and gives Atlas a rash of commands, bossing him around and getting Atlas to suck his cock AND his hole. Yes, we do mean sucking his hole, not just rimming. You’ll be able to tell by the piggy, wonderfully nasty sounds they make. Speaking of sounds, you’ll swear Atlas and Brian are doing more than just fucking bareback. They’re rutting like snorting, sex-crazed animals, complete with sweat, spit and cum in all the right places.

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14 comments on “FUCK YEAH! Atlas Grant and Brian Bonds…
  1. Avatar pmaul says:

    Not for me.

  2. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Not necessarily my “preferred scene” – but I thought this was pretty hot

  3. Avatar scot_bottom says:

    Love to offer up my furry rump to both of them, woof!

  4. Avatar bimale1954 says:

    Not really my thing.

  5. Avatar TongueToHole says:

    neither really does it for me

  6. webbo3 webbo3 says:

    Brian please…..

  7. Avatar hole_stretcher says:


  8. Avatar gary47 says:

    They can work over my smooth ass as long as they would like woof woof.

  9. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Not my speed.

  10. Avatar Biman96 says:


  11. Avatar down_to_earth_man says:

    both very nice – but the hairy tattoo guy is the best

  12. Avatar blacktshirt says:

    naaaaah … ridiculous to wear leather props and stinking boots

  13. Avatar cardiffmikey says:

    not a great scene but Atlas does it for me

  14. Avatar bike69 says:

    Love to be the dessert.