FIRST DAY ON THE JOB W/ Darin Silvers, Sean Duran & Aspen…

MEN OVER 30: Sean has hired Aspen and Darin for some warehouse help. Aspen and Darin are really hoping they keep this job. Sean wants them to put together a chair and he’ll be back to check on them. They work on the chair but they can’t find the hardware for it so they kick back and start stroking their big dicks. Sean comes back in pissed off seeing that their dicks are out. Sean even though he’s mad at what’s going on joins in on the fun with one condition which is that they have to make him cum so they can keep their jobs. Sean begins to service both of them until they take their clothes off and then Aspen and Darin service Sean. Sean bends them both over so he can get his tongue deep in their asses and he goes back and forth rimming them deep. After rimming Sean wants to be fucked by both of them and they both fuck him until he cums all over himself and then they blow their loads all over Sean’s face.

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3 comments on “FIRST DAY ON THE JOB W/ Darin Silvers, Sean Duran & Aspen…
  1. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Hot guys…could be hotter with a different studio.

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  3. Avatar cardiffmikey says:

    Aspen for me