Dylan James And Michael Roman Flip-Fuck @ Lucas Entertainment

LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT: When you see Michael Roman, you think he’s a no-bullshit jock who can take on anyone he wants. Fair enough, but in the bedroom, he has a whole other side, and it’s full of submission and the desire to please. Dylan James loves tattoos and muscle, and so does Michael. Because of this, it’s no wonder the two of them take turns fucking each other up the ass bareback!

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22 comments on “Dylan James And Michael Roman Flip-Fuck @ Lucas Entertainment
  1. Avatar Biman96 says:

    Hot men

  2. Avatar namdlo says:

    Sorry. I am from the old school – I can’t deal with the tatoos! Yes I know – get over it – but they are not for me. For those who like tatoos,
    they are hot.

    • Avatar tanned8incher says:

      Don’t apologies… they are disgusting! The odd one or two, they’re ok, or one of those fancy big line tattoo, but these are horrible. So much ink you wonder what goes through their minds. However, nice bodies and beautiful cocks. Tattoos, NO!

  3. Avatar hotitaldude4u says:

    Tattooes have become so common. Not my thing. I wonder whether there are more with or without.
    It is difficult for me to understand to what extent one is always willing to have the same one all the time: what if they want to change it or one wants to remove it? I just can’t deal with all that.
    Talking about gay porn, most of these gays have some ink. Rare to find a couple or three without. Or not?

  4. Avatar Jerry11 says:

    namdio –I agree with you totally. The room would have to be really dark, really dark so I could not see the stupid tats. Artwork should be put on walls and not the bod.

  5. Avatar tim106b says:

    Agree gy=uys too much ink – it’s distracting – don’t mind the odd tat but hey this is just far too much

  6. Avatar seekking says:

    Yum ! Armpit licking and cum in the pits. Finally !
    Love pit play, sucking and licking, More, more !

  7. Avatar TongueToHole says:

    Beyond the excessive tattoos which I too don’t like, they’re both hot

  8. Avatar gary47 says:

    They both are very hot and do not need the tattoos to enhance their bodies woof woof.

  9. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Hot action from a couple of hot men.
    Side bar – any set from Lucas always seems to have the most striking / vibrant colours & definition – it’s a good look and I think it enhances what the models have

  10. Avatar bimale1954 says:

    Another set of HOT cocks, I’ll take them too!

  11. Avatar alohaman25 says:

    Two great looking men in excellent proportion and physical condition… exactly my type……. except the Tats are so distracting, totally unable to get into them as hot men. Interesting designs, but as another member stated should be on a wall and not on a body to the extreme as in this case. Thinking ahead, they will not be pretty when their bodies start to soften through time…… like an oil painting in an extreme heat wave!! Please note…. not against tattoos, but as in Architecture, and design….. less is more and quality versus quantity. Aloha !

  12. Avatar down_to_earth_man says:

    they do have nice cocks. I am not into that all muscle shit though and frankly i don’t like lucas films. But again these guys have hot cocks.

  13. Avatar martini4 says:

    Nice looking guys with nice cocks. Can’t get past the tatoos

  14. Avatar hryhnl says:

    Nicely equipped pair…a bit overboard on the tattoos, however

  15. Avatar deafblind46 says:

    Really very hot sex for the men and be safe so the men will like be in the naked all the times.

  16. Avatar sicilianmikey says:


  17. Avatar hardknight says:

    AWESOME bodies and abs but the tats take away from that…wouldn’t turn them down though!!

  18. Avatar jimmybananas says:

    Sexy guys, but WAY too much ink all over their hot bodies

  19. Avatar needmen says:

    Tats are distracting………WOW…….YOURE NOT AT A FUCKING CHESS TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hot guys, great bods, the tats are a lil over the top, I’d never have that many but I’m into the guys, not the ambiance, art, the set, hairdos etc etc…..

  20. Avatar hole_stretcher says:


  21. Avatar bike69 says:

    Like many those bodies are great but all that ink. Nice set of cocks and asses.