Cum Outside for Earth Day

Every year, April 22nd is dedicated to doing good for the planet. Today, people will reflect on their energy consumption, their waste creation, and their relationship to nature. So since you’re likely trying to use less energy and get in touch with nature, why not get in touch with some other guys too? Head out into nature and cruise for a sexy stud who wants to get down and dirty. Not convinced? Here are the top 3 reasons to cruise outdoors today:

1. Get a Change in Pace

If all of your sex happens in a bedroom, you’re truly missing out. Sure it’s nice to have a soft surface to bang on, and it does make the “ins and outs” of sex go a little smoother, but it gets repetitive. If you’re having sex in the same bed, in the same positions, you’re definitely missing out. Having sex outdoors is a bit less comfortable, but that’s what makes it so hot. So get out of your comfort zone and into the wild.


2. You’ll Meet Hot Guys

There are already tons of hot guys cruising in parks and campsites near you, and the longer you wait to head out there, the more of them you’re missing. So head out to the nearest cruising spot, walk around until you make eye contact with a sexy stud, then get down to it. You’ll never know who is around until you check it out.

3. It’s Exciting

One of the biggest appeals of cruising is the rush – the excitement of meeting a stranger, in a strange place. This is especially true in natural spaces because you never know who is around.


What’s your favourite place to cruise? Leave a comment down below.

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6 comments on “Cum Outside for Earth Day
  1. Avatar Topdog73 says:

    I wasn’t “cruising” but, when i was deployed to afganistan me and one of the civilian contractors hooked up in my dining facility ration tent. I put together 4 pallets, laid down a blanket and we had some sweaty man sex.

    69ing, rimming, and fucking took place. It was interesting. Luckily, it was late at night so no one was around.

  2. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Hot gifs – nice way for Daily Squirt to mark a worthwhile day.

  3. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Some nice action here.

  4. Avatar retprin says:

    boat launch area at dauphin street

  5. Avatar culturalinfidel says:

    It was many years ago, but I had “a thing” with another guy when I was in the service—we were down on the Caribbean island of Grenada in the time following the US invasion of the island. We started out by going skinny dipping one night after having been partying at a local night spot, stopped on a deserted beach, took a swim and he wound up fucking me–my first time being fucked. It was great and we wound up being able to spend time together for over a week and at night in the places we stayed—had hours of hot sweaty, cummy sex mostly outdoors on beaches and other such places.

    That was a really great week. Surely is something about having hot sex in the “great out of doors,” especially a place like a truly tropical island setting.