Censorship sucks!

Here at Squirt.org, we love sex. We think that sex is a good thing, and that our bodies – whatever the shape, size, colour, or age – are beautiful and should be celebrated. We believe that there’s nothing wrong with getting your clothes off – that there’s no shame attached to nakedness.

Obviously, not everyone feels the same way. Differences of opinion about sexual expression aren’t a new thing, but there appears to be a growing shift to a more socially conservative outlook on the world.

Censorship seems to be the go-to option for governments and companies around the world, and it feels like anything that’s a bit queer or a bit sexual is at the top of their hit-list.

Obviously, if you own the platform – if you’re someone like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or YouTube – then you get to decide what content you’re going to allow your users to publish. We might not like the decisions they make, or the way they go about it, but they get to make the rules.

However, censorship impacts us all, and it can often be in quite unexpected ways.

You might have read recently that hook-up app Scruff have been forced to introduce new guidelines for user profile photos. The new guidelines specified that “photos in underwear, jockstraps or bikini style bathing suits are no longer permitted in profile photos.” Given that Scruff is a gay hook-up app, on the face of it that seems like an odd move. But, Scruff have been backed into a corner. They rely on app stores to distribute their service to users, and app stores are becoming increasingly cautious and conservative when it comes to anything that might be considered adult-oriented. Faced with the prospect of being banned from app stores, Scruff had few alternatives and opted to prioritise the needs of their business.

From a Squirt.org perspective, we don’t rely on app stores to connect with our members, so we’ve been fortunate to dodge that particular bullet. However, we’re acutely aware that censorship of adult and sex-positive content is only increasing. We can’t be complacent. The rising tide of censorship and online regulation could soon put us all out of business, making it no longer feasible for us to provide the types of services and content that our members value – services and content that also play an important role in our community.

So, we want to take a stand. We want to send a message. We can’t stay silent in the face of increasing censorship.

Today, we’re launching our #CensorshipSucks campaign.

We want you to send us a photo of yourself, and we’ll tweet it out and share it with the world. We’d love to see you rocking a jockstrap, or it could be naked. Whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever makes you feel sexy.

We are firmly of the opinion that guys look great – whether that’s naked, or in their underwear, or whatever they want to wear. We’re making it our mission to showcase as many men as possible. We want to demonstrate to the world that a man’s body isn’t something to censor, it’s something to celebrate.


Jack Andy
Jack Andy

A society that is comfortable with every detail of violence being broadcast on every channel but not comfortable with the broadcasting of examples of the love, lust, compassion, caring, and sexual freedom the porn industry portrays, is a society that seriously needs to reconsider their viewing priorities.

River Wilson

I think censorship limits creativity and self-expression. This concept of safety by hiding sexuality of nudity never really did anything to help human trafficking nor folks being raped or abused. Some of my friends think nudity is dangerous. We have to stop the bad connotation associated with the human body and what we do with it.


The whole point about the internet is the freedom to post or create media without censorship. A world with online censorship brings us back to the 1980s. Being a Model and Director in Gay Porn, I think it’s crazy since many men like to and do express themselves in a sexual and more natural manner. People shouldn’t be censored on what they want to express sexually. Even censoring nude photography is a big shame as that’s art, art of the male form. We are now in 2019, censoring things online is quite ridiculous and a step backwards as it’s nothing new and nothing to be ashamed of – people and companies have been doing this a long time.
DICE from Treasure Island Media

Tigger Redd

When it comes to the increasing of online censorship, I feel as though that it is Prehistoric. We are living in a time and age where everything is more advanced. For me personally, I think it is a double-edged sword because there are many things in this world that aren’t censored. Take for instance, various paintings and statues. Those are considered national treasures; however, still showing full on nudity for all to see. The body is an art form, it shows the beauty and uniqueness in all of us. It is a sign of self-confidence. Others can say it’s too much or vulgar, but that just a closed-minded perception of how to think.

Leo Rex

Media with sex. is getting cut and cropped
nude bodies. don’t walk freely. they’re stopped.
but turn on the screen, you’ll see violence is in stock.
telling you to play as a soldier. but don’t play with your cock

We want you to send us a photo of yourself, and we’ll tweet it out and share it with the world. We’d love to see you rocking a jockstrap, or it could be naked. Whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever makes you feel sexy.

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9 comments on “Censorship sucks!
  1. Avatar joebuzz says:

    Anti-penis movement, wanting the perceived rod of masculine power and gender removed from sight. Not sure who is behind this, prudes or academics. I don’t believe the majority of people really care either way. Sexual curiosity was around long before the Internet supposedly began corrupting young minds. I recall in the 70s, media stopped reporting from football changing rooms. In the 90s I think, male models in clothing catalogues required editing or a cup to hide traces of their manhood. Scruff had rules about revealing the penis in clothing, but it was arbitrarily policed going by some delicious profile pics. I think it’s time to start revealing who is behind the push for gender neutrality and anti-penis / male movements. Without context, they remain in the shadows and people in the dark. Certainly the censorship push is not a public ground-swell wanting this change. Rather we are having it imposed without choice.

  2. Avatar magnumtd says:

    I don’t do the pic. thing, but I’m totally against censorship ofany kind. That, and being dictated to about what I may say, or any other way I may express myself. There’s no mileage in being forcedto be someone you’re not simply to please some snowflake’s sensibilities.

  3. Avatar Rimu2nite says:

    Being an older gay guy, I find it quite hard to be myself but recently I have got more confident. It helps me by seeing guys happily expressing themselves and their likes and being proud of who they are and what they do. This in turn equates to a happy, healthy sex life and existence. Censorship is wrong in so many ways and it will have a negative effect on us all.

  4. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Great comments, gentlemen! Thoughtful, insightful & true.
    Just not 100% sure about joebuzz’s comment on a “not a public groundswell”. I think that depends upon what ground you’re standing on.
    A lot that we take for granted is being chipped away at (and not so slowly) and in plain sight, and in other areas there is just a definitive non-acceptance and a change NOW movement.

  5. Avatar flamingkisser says:

    Sent my photo in and hopefully it makes the twitter feed they have going and that you guys can make a difference somehow, keep up the great work squirt, regarding censorship.

  6. Avatar 1Exhibitionist says:

    Sent my photo as well. #CensorshipSucks

  7. Avatar billyendive says:

    The censorship goes beyond just covering up the genitals. Recently tried to share Recently tried to share on Facebook some of the information and progress on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, but it was rejected as dealing with sexual matters. For years, I have tried to bring news on sexual health and responsibility to my Facebook followers only to be repeatedly “jailed” for offending the vague Facebook Community Standards. Censorship is arbitrary, homophobic in many instances and certainly does suck!

    • GarethJ GarethJ says:

      Thanks for sharing that experience billyendive – it’s a great example of the harm that censorship can do, and how it generally doesn’t make sense. Gareth.

  8. Avatar kudoz says:

    Sent my pic to support this campaign. Sure, it’s crazy we can see pictures of terrible things and evil things on the web and in every part of daily life pretty much, but the beauty that is a man’s crotch, his cock, his arse and his knob are forbidden… ;-(