A Blast from Porn’s Past #ThrowbackThursday

It’s that time of the week! We’re turning back time to when porn wasn’t at your fingertips. Back to when you had to take a deep breath, build up your confidence, and walk into a store to purchase porn.

There was something about having those glossy pages between your fingers and your cock in your hand that has us yearning for those days again. Well, even though the day of the porn magazine has cum and gone, we can still appreciate the hot guys printed between the covers.

1. He wants a touchdown, but we just want to touch his down below.

2. He’s a bad ass with a nice dick, looking for a nice ass.

3. Big moustaches. Bigger cocks.

4. He’s a metal worker by day, and works ass by night.

5. The best vintage porn is uncut and uncensored.

6. Old school porn really strings us along.

7. He’s admiring the view. So are we.

8. Sunglasses on. Dick out.

9. This cowboy managed to lasso himself. It makes sense given that he’s such a catch.

10. There’s nothing like hitting the open road, and tapping a spread ass.

11. Sex on the beach is nice. Sex with him is better.

12. Dick pigs in their natural habitat.

Which picture was your favourite? Leave a comment down below!

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11 comments on “A Blast from Porn’s Past #ThrowbackThursday
  1. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    Thks for another great vintage set Sarge! All hot guys, but #’s 2 & 3 were really mouthwatering for me. Really liked Sarge’s write up at the start of the set too – although for some of us it was more like finding a place that carried vintage and flipping through the bins of magazines and trying to decide which ones to buy (how many you could carry LOL). Hope #ThrowbackThursday becomes a regular weekly showcase for vintage – from whichever decade you pick Sarge.

  2. Avatar TongueToHole says:

    I love Throwback Thursdays!

  3. Avatar sicilianmikey says:

    Lotta nice looks back here.

  4. Avatar bonertoner says:

    #11 is definitely my favorite. I love naked men on a nice warm beach. Reminds me of when I first knew I was gay…sightseeing along a nude/gay beach in Florida’s panhandle.

  5. Avatar pmaul says:

    Love the visit back. I still have my moustache 🙂

  6. Avatar shyguyinwwa says:

    All the above

  7. Avatar spiritman says:

    shit awful clones moustaches.. and theyre back…

  8. Avatar bike69 says:

    Love those days of the past.

  9. Avatar Jerry11 says:

    What a hot set!

  10. Avatar cylvannj says:

    I like #4 and #12. #4 has great sexy bodies and #12 lovely and enjoyable position to have sex.

  11. Avatar culturalinfidel says:

    I love classic porn—man when I used to live in Coastal Georgia, I would take my boat out to the barrier islands that you only can reach if you take your boat or if you had a helicopter. I would come across people being naked on those islands, sometimes they are having sex with you finding straight couples, gay couples, lesbian couples and all other sorts of possible combinations. I sure would have loved to come on a hot guy like the one in picture #11 at one of those places. He looks great from the back, too bad there was not a second photo of his front side. I sure do love that old classic gay porn—really seemed to be better than much of what you find now.