WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Scott Riley OR Pheonix Fellington?

EXTRA BIG DICKS: Pheonix Fellington is in the shower alone as he begins playing with his massive cock. Scott Riley comes in and cannot help but be turned on when he sees how sexy Pheonix is all wet and hard. With just body language, Scott approaches and drops to his knees and starts sucking Phoenix. He tries his best to take it all, but the thickness prevents Scott from deep throating such a huge cock. Pheonix turns his attention to Scott’s beautiful ass and rims him. He then fucks Scott bent over against the wall to start out. Scott’s ass is better at taking all of Phoenix deep. Pheonix then lies on the floor and Scott rides his cock balls deep. He then lies on his back and Pheonix fucks him until they both shoot their loads.

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9 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Scott Riley OR Pheonix Fellington?
  1. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Both. In a 3some. Please.

  2. sicilianmikey says:

    Probably Scott.

  3. Biman96 says:


  4. emmitt22 says:

    Black cock has turned me into a cum swallowing faggot….

  5. TongueToHole says:

    Both! One time when I can’t choose.

  6. wgrant386 says:

    Nice black man

  7. beardick69 says:

    both – so long as I can be the sloppy bottom!

  8. sandyone says:

    Hell Phoenix is so hot just love black cock, he can have his way with me anytime he likes.

  9. iwhatya says:

    Would love to have a three some with them and be the bitch