Vote for your favorite porn star!

You’ve only got until the end of April to lodge your vote for the Fan Favorite category for this year’s Grabby Awards.

The Fan Favorite category is presented by, and our members have shortlisted their ten favorite gay porn stars who are vying it out to snatch the trophy.

To help you decide how to cast your vote, here’s a re-cap of the nominees.

Austin Wolf

Standing at 6’4″, Austin Wolf is a big guy who loves showing us all exactly what he can do with every inch of his body. Wolf’s focus seems to be on creating amateur footage of his encounters with models, fans, and random guys he meets at the gym. You can find Austin’s home-made videos on his 4My.Fans channel.

Vote for Austin Wolf as the Fan Favorite

Boomer Banks

Founder of the Haus of Banks, as well as being a major porn star, Boomer is also a designer, stylist, and activist. Boomer delivers a compelling combination of intelligence and undeniable sex appeal. Plus, his Twitter game is next-level.

Vote for Boomer Banks as the Fan Favorite

Cody Cummings

Having got his start with the Next Door studio, Cody Cummings is now focused on promoting his line for FleshJack as well as his personal training and fitness journey.

Vote for Cody Cummings as the Fan Favorite

Cutler X

Putting a big D in Daddy, Cutler X has created his own line of content available through his site Cutler’s Den. Cutler X always deliver high-quality content – it’s intense and authentic guy-on-guy action that is exactly what we need to fuel our fantasies.

Vote for Cutler X as the Fan Favorite

Griffin Barrows

Griffin Barrows is probably best known for his POV blowjobs, which usually end up with his face covered in cum. Beyond the blowjobs, Barrows is an all-rounder. What makes his scenes special is that he always seems to be really enjoying himself – he’s in the moment and delivering a sex-fuelled energy that always impresses.

Vote for Griffin Barrows as the Fan Favorite

Hot Rod

Originally from D.C., Hot Rod began his porn career when he was 19. He’s worked with studios such as Treasure Island Media, and Black Breeders. He’s particularly proud of his paw-print tattoos.

Vote for Hot Rod as the Fan Favorite

Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid made his name with the studio where he’s been the go-to performer whenever a slutty twink was required. Having made his debut in 2011, he’s still grabbing attention.

Vote for Johnny Rapid as the Fan Favorite

Rocco Steele

Proof that good things come to those who wait, Rocco Steele waited until he hit 40 before leaving a corporate career behind him and trying his hand at porn. The rest is history. Not only is he one of the world’s biggest porn stars, he’s also launched his own under label – 10Seven.

Vote for Rocco Steele as the Fan Favorite

William Seed

Originally from Montreal, you’ll find William Seed’s studio work on, and his straight-to-subscriber channel is on JustFor.Fans. His signature move is the pile-driver.

Vote for William Seed as the Fan Favorite


We’re really into seeing XL get naked and get down to business, but we’re also impressed when he has something to say. He’s articulate, intelligent, and a respected advocate for equality.

“I’ve always loved to please people and I am forever grateful to even have fans who like my content…” explains XL. “It feels great to know that there’s people out there who enjoy my sexual performances.”

We asked XL what he hopes that people feel when they’re watching him on-screen.

“I hope that people feel free of all inhibitions…” replied XL. “I don’t always have epic blockbuster scenes, but people definitely know when the chemistry is right. I fully give in to my scene partner, and I hope that intimacy and affection is shared to whomever decides to watch me. I try to give more than just fucking an ass or getting pounded – I try to showcase passionate feelings.”

“I tend to be a porn performer that simply likes to create content. I don’t necessarily do things for recognition, but when it happens I’m very grateful for the opportunity…” said XL. “Winning the Fan Favorite award at The Grabbys would mean the world to me. I’d attend the Grabby’s with pride, and show gratitude to all the people that have supported me throughout the years.”

This is a man that ticks all of our boxes.

Vote for XL as the Fan Favorite

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16 comments on “Vote for your favorite porn star!
  1. joeynmtgy8 says:

    Tough choice between Cody and Griffin but I had to go with Griffin.

  2. DAVEWESLEY says:

    Not many id go for, poor choice .. at a push hot rod and that’s cos of his cock

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    Seems like it’s almost the same batch of guys yearly. Some of these choices baffle me how they make the cut.

  4. deafblind46 says:

    Rocco Steele will be very good man for his sex and I voted the man name is Rocco Steele is best man for me to meet Rocco Steele. I liked him in his picture.

  5. gayplaygay says:

    If cocks are the deciding factor for voting definitely a hard decision.

  6. richardbounce41 says:


  7. blacktshirt says:

    none of them interest me …

  8. horneyguy69 says:

    XL All the way, he’s my man

  9. pussycatlover says:

    Rocco Steele….every time.

  10. hrychstlvr69 says:

    My ranking of these guys (since this is the choice in front of us). I agree some of these guys surprise me to be in the top 10, but everybody’s got their own tastes.

    10.Cody Cummings
    9. Johnny Rapid
    8. Hot Rod
    7. Boomer Banks
    6. Cutler X
    5. William Seed
    4. Austin Wolf
    3. XL
    2. Rocco Steele
    1. Griffin Barrows

  11. bike69 says:

    All all winners.

  12. homoerectus2k says:

    For my likings, this would be my ranking
    1. Rocco Steele. – what can I say? I’d just like to try it on for size. Lol. Former Corporate career (?). Hmm!
    2. Boomer Banks. – designer, activist… It takes some creativity. That body and cock… yum!
    3. Austin Wolf. – just because he’s tall and beautiful!
    4. William Seed. – young and playful
    T. XL. – just because his sheer size!
    Goes down the hill from there for me… any combination would do.

  13. ljg says:

    Rocco Steele

  14. westlake_66 says: