Walker Fucks Jaden @ CORBIN FISHER…

CORBIN FISHER: Walker’s shown that he can really take it. But, we wanted to see how well he could dish it out – and the answer was very well indeed! Jaden’s also proving himself to be something of a rising star around Corbin Fisher. You can tell with each performance that Jaden gets more and more confident in the bedroom; this time taking Walker’s huge cock like a total champ. Walker is giving his all in this episode. He goes down on Jaden and eats him out until Jaden practically begs to be fucked; which Walker is more than happy to oblige on! These two toned studs go at it like crazy on the bed, fucking hard until Walker bends Jaden over and plows him until they both cum!


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15 comments on “Walker Fucks Jaden @ CORBIN FISHER…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Kindly pass…neither does anything for me.

  2. dudewithskeletons says:

    mmmm, yes please

  3. DAVEWESLEY says:

    yes Jaden can defo do me .. love a 3sum with him and his mate in the 1st pics Mmmmm

  4. bimale1954 says:

    I’ll take both cause Jaden also tops

  5. FitFella4Fun says:

    Neither do anything for me. way too young and I am struggling to see past the top’s bizarre haircut.

  6. bigpa says:

    Eeewwww, I feel like I am looking at child porn with these two- I had to close and delete it instantly! Yuck.

  7. irakeven says:

    go jaden!! xx

  8. roughhole says:

    WOOF!, very hot,young,smooth,bareback,more please,woof !

  9. Biman96 says:

    Fucking hot

  10. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Today’s first set (Aaron & Brian): hot men having hot sex. This set (twink 1 & twink 2): nothing I want to play with.

  11. hole_stretcher says:

    a bit on the thin side

  12. flamingkisser says:

    more bodies ruined by tattoos!!

  13. bike69 says:

    Two young studs in heat.

  14. showitoff says:

    Yes! Both please! It blows my mind how the negative nellys always leave stupid comments…..why comment if you never ever have anything fucking nice to say…..pathetic

  15. Lusting4cock says:

    Fuck Yeah!