The ecstasy of letting go

If you’ve ever been interested in exploring what tantra could potentially add to your sex life, then the Tantra Love Festival in the UK is something that you might want to consider adding to your travel wish-list.

Led by Tantra practitioner Jason, the Tantra Love Festival is held at Glastonbury, and will run from 24-28 August.

“Tantra is a spiritual pathway to freedom…” explains Jason, when I confessed to him that I really didn’t know that much about Tantra. “It gives you the opportunity to work through all the crap that gets in the way of you being an ecstatic free being.”

“Our true nature is bliss…” adds Jason. “Emotions can drag you down. We get caught up in stories about people, and the stuff that goes on. We believe that that’s our life, that that’s all that we are. Through tantra, you’re able to get glimpses of something beyond your normal day-to-day life.”

“What are you thinking about when you cum?” asked Jason, when I pushed him to give me some practical applications of how Tantra works. “It’s the only time that you’re not thinking of anything. When you cum, it’s a place of not thinking – a bit like the eye of the storm. You experience who you are beyond your ego, beyond your day-to-day identity.”

“Tantra is a spiritual practice that uses your sexual energy. It’s a spiritual journey that offers personal development and personal growth. Sexual energy is the rocket fuel to help you get there.”

This is the seventh year that Jason and his team have held the Tantra Love Festival, be bringing together 100 men to experience a huge range of Tantra workshops and hands-on sessions that focus on the sensual, the spiritual, and the erotic.

I asked Jason about the type of men who would go to a Tantra festival such as this.

“Most of the men that we work with are in their mid-30s or early-40s…” says Jason. “They’re a bit disillusioned or dissatisfied with aspects of their life  –  they’re looking for something new. Typically they’re in a relationship, but they generally don’t bring their partner to the festival.”

One of the highlights of the Tantra Love Festival is bound to be the naked wrestling tournament, that will be presented by Brad Amberheart.

Amberheart’s simultaneous immersions in Tantra and Earth-Based native spiritual traditions has resulted in the incorporation of magic, ritual, music, and prayer into virtually every aspect of his life, with a focus on sexually ecstatic healing and renewal.

You can see Brad Amberheart in action with the team at Himeros.TV

The Tantra Love Festival will be organised into five distinct zones.

The Spirit Temple – Tantra & Spirit

Spirit, Meditation, High Frequency, Cosmic Consciousness

Journeys into Mystery

The Tantra Temple – Tantra & Ecstasy

Ecstasy, Orgasm, Sexuality, Erotic Energy, Mind-blowing Rituals

Journeys into Ecstasy

The Body Temple – Tantra & The Body

Tantric Massage, Erotic Touch, Sensual Bodywork

Journeys into Indulgence

The Growth Temple – Tantra & The Self

Personal Growth, Self-Exploration and Healing

Journeys into Your Human Potential

The Exploration Temple – Tantra & The Edge of the New

Boundary-Stretching, Quirky, Cutting-Edge, Exploratory Workshops

Journeys into New Territory

What’s a typical day like at the Tantra Love Festival?

You’ll generally start your day with Morning Meditation and Yoga. You can take part in facilitated meditations, both active and silent, and different styles of yoga.

Then it’s time for breakfast, which is served informally as a buffet.

After breakfast, it’s the Morning Meeting in which teachers present their workshops of the day – so you know what’s on offer and available to you.

From there you’ll head into the Tantra workshop sessions that you’ve selected.

Once you’ve finished your session, it’s time for lunch and some free time. During your free time, you can hang out in the spa, spend some time by yourself, or connect with guys that you’ve met.

At the festival, each participant is assigned to a Family – a group of guys who will be your buddies for the Festival time. In the early afternoon, the families come together for an hour to share and spend some time together. It’s probably during these times that you’ll form your strongest connections and friendships from the festival.

The afternoon sees everyone back into their next Tantra workshop session.

The afternoon session is followed by dinner.

Following dinner, there’s a range of Tantra workshop sessions available, as well as evening entertainment. The evening sessions tend to encourage a deeper level of intimacy.

With all the sessions completed by about 10:30 PM, you’ve got free time to hang out in the spa and sauna, relax in the coffee bar, or top up on some intimacy in the Love Lounge where you can exchange massages or just spend some time being intimate with other guys.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Tantra Love Festival

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