Member spotlight: BangMe70

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This month, we caught up with BangMe70 who lives in New Orleans.

When did you join 

About five years ago. As a bi-curious guy, for the most part it gives me what I’m looking for.

When did you start to explore man-on-man encounters?

When I was in my twenties, a neighbor of mine in my apartment complex used to cut my hair. I knew he was gay. But a very nice man, and good looking. One time, after cutting my hair in the evening, we decided to go out for Mexican food and margaritas. Well, we both got a little loose!

It was dark by the time we got back to my truck. I drove us home. When we parked up, he reached out and started kissing me. He said that he’d always wanted me. I didn’t shy away, I let him kiss me. He reached down, and the next thing I knew, my cock was out for him. I got really hard fast. I have a big thick cock.

He then went down on me, sucking and stoking my dick! I was so aroused that I took his cock out of his pants and began to jerk him off. I came pretty fast, and he took my load.

He was hard as a rock, so I started to suck on his cock. I found it to be an interesting taste, and exciting to feel his cock throb and get hard as I sucked on him. He came – I took his load in my mouth. I now had cum in me and on me! We put ourselves away and went home.

That’s my first experience.

Is New Orleans a good place to meet guys for hook-ups? 

It’s like anywhere else – you can find guys looking for sex. There aren’t any bathhouses, but there are theaters. The gay bars and night clubs have some fun action. I’ve been to Rawhide.

If someone was visiting New Orleans, and interested in getting together with local guys, what hints or tips would you give them? 

New Orleans is LGBTQ friendly, but be careful of pick-pockets. I don’t stay out too late. Just be mindful of where you are, and who you’re with.

What’s your ultimate hook-up fantasy? 

I love the sex! I like to fuck and be fucked!

I have my own place in New Orleans. I think my ultimate hook-up fantasy would be finding a beautiful trans girl on, and having her come over and play. Making porn movies with trans girls is another fantasy of mine.

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