Updated Guys Filter on Squirt.org Mobile


After we released the ability to filter guys by location, position, who are into, and age we asked what you thought, and overwhelmingly, you said … we want more filters!

You asked … we delivered!

Today, we’ve released a bunch of other ways you can filter the Guys grid on Squirt.org Mobile.

  • – Height
  • – Body Type
  • – Cock Size
  • – Sex Preferences
  • – Where to Hook Up

However, this is only the beginning. Log in to Squirt.org today and fill in the survey to let us know which outstanding filters are the most important and we’ll add those to the development roadmap.

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4 comments on “Updated Guys Filter on Squirt.org Mobile
  1. sexkix says:

    As a paying member of squirt since 2005, you have to pay to use the app. It’s not cool or good enough. You cant see pics or chat with anyone, it’s a slump from me.

  2. cockfun69 says:

    Can’t see survey. Though the more guys you exclude using filters the fewer results show. If you’re away from a city and out in the country then you have to take who’s around or end up watching porn of perfect men fucking.

  3. mercedes00 says:

    havent tried the new mobile stuff yet but why doe it take forever to change Hot Cruising Spots the ones now have been for a year and why dont you mix up member videos more often seems like things are being ignored & to mimic a comment earlier it all costs deliver please

  4. Iwant2cum says:

    I have been craving some meetings, stuck in Dalby now ? Finding it hard