HHSN: EXPOSED W/ Manuel Skye & Devin Franco…



HOT HOUSE: Devin Franco is waiting patiently in Manuel Skye’s office for his photo shoot with Hot House Sports Network. It’s taking way too long and Devin is bored so he starts jacking his hard dick. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Manuel who decides to help Devin alleviate his boredom by giving him something to suck on. Manuel sticks his stiff cock deep into Devin’s face and pumps away until he’s ready to take a taste of Devin’s hard meat. Manuel slowly works his way around to Devin’s bubble butt and slips his tongue and fingers deep into the horny hunk. He works Devin’s ass, opening him up and getting him ready for the massive, raw, uncut cock that he’s about to receive. When Devin’s hole is open and ready for entry, Manuel stands up and slams his bare cock and balls deep inside. Manuel immediately slams the young stud hard, giving Devin exactly what he wants and needs. After switching positions a few times, Manuel is ready to blow. He pulls out and slathers Devin’s junk with a seemingly never-ending flow of cum that he scoops up with his dick and fucks back into Devin. Manuel’s warm cum getting fucked deep into his ass is the trigger for Devin to blow. With Manuel pumping deep in his ass, Devin lets loose and shoots his load all over his own tight body.

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14 comments on “HHSN: EXPOSED W/ Manuel Skye & Devin Franco…
  1. webbo3 webbo3 says:

    Devin please…..

  2. sicilianmikey says:

    I’m leaning toward Devin.

  3. peterandjim says:


  4. bimale1954 says:

    I want both the daddy and boy….mmmmm

  5. DAVEWESLEY says:

    Devin .. fit as fuck

  6. menspants says:

    It just gets better both for me plaese xxxx

  7. pmaul says:

    Love the “mature” and young combination. Both handsome and virile.

  8. Tony60416 says:

    They’re both very sexy! Manuel is more my type, I prefer more mature men. Of course I wouldn’t say no to Devin’s big fat cock either!

  9. Limburg1993 says:

    Mmm, both, but prefer devin

  10. heythere250 says:

    both are hot, but Devin is for me

  11. digital28 says:

    Two more good looking guys!

  12. needmen says:

    Devin pulls this post out of the fire. Shame he has to be a bottom for Manuel sadly.

  13. joeynmtgy8 says:

    I like both but I really wish Manuel had been photographed completely clean-shaven or after the scruff had grown out a bit. That look might work on a cartoon character (like Homer Simpson or Fred Flintstone) but it just doesn’t look good on a live human.

  14. bike69 says:

    I to enjoy the mix of mature meats youth for round of gay sex.