Daniel & Jae Bareback @SEANCODY…

SEAN CODY: “So, Jae, what are you most excited about when you think of me fucking you?” asks muscular DILF Daniel. Sun-kissed cutie Jae thinks about it for a minute before answering. “Probably the big dick,” responds athletic Jae. “Have you ever been fucked on film?” asks Daniel. “No, I haven’t,” replies Jae, while sliding his fingers into Daniel’s mouth. “Oh shit! So this will be the first time that this in fucking action will be captured on film,” remarks Daniel. He continues, “does that make you nervous?” “No,” says a confident Jae. “Now, I kind of have a boner from that. I’m thinking about how courageous your dick is. You wanna get outta here?” says Daniel. “Yeah, I do,” says Jae, planting a wet kiss on Daniel’s sweet lips.

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13 comments on “Daniel & Jae Bareback @SEANCODY…
  1. Bjwbjw says:

    Love Dan to top me..

  2. sicilianmikey says:


  3. bike69 says:

    Let me join and have some hot times with both these jock studs.

  4. bimale1954 says:

    Would love a round with these two.

  5. digital28 says:

    Two very good looking guys as usual from Sean Cody!

  6. gary47 says:

    Dan can top me any time Woof Woof.

  7. hrychstlvr69 says:


  8. p_o_l says:

    two hot man – would love to take Daniel’s juice x

  9. Big4slim says:

    Jae is adorable.

  10. down_to_earth_man says:

    no thanks

  11. Grant2012 says:

    Two very nice looking men with great cocks. Would having either one in my mouth or ass.

  12. scot_bottom says:

    Daniel please. WOOF!

  13. TongueToHole says:

    Love Daniel!