WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Roman Todd OR Aston Springs?



FALCON STUDIOS: Roman Todd and Aston Springs are on the HHSN set when Aston gets a peek at Roman’s massive cock just begging to be sucked. Aston quickly takes the swollen member deep into his mouth until Roman is throbbing hard. With a stiff cock, Roman bends Aston over to eat his ass. Roman probes the stud up with his fingers and tongue before he stands up to fuck his smooth, tight hole. Roman plows away, going balls deep as Aston moans out with every thrust from Roman’s raw meat. Roman keeps pumping in and out of Aston’s ass until Aston wants a chance at riding Roman’s big pole. Aston hops on and bounces up and down as the studs get are dripping with sweat working towards their final goal. Roman is ready to blow but wants complete control one last time. He flips Aston onto his back and shoves his cock back into the stud’s hole for one last push to the finish line. Roman fucks Aston hard until he pulls out and drops his thick load all over Aston’s tight stomach. Roman shoves his bare cock back into Aston’s used hole and fucks the leftover cum deep into his ass. Knowing that Roman is fucking his cum back into him, Aston lets go and covers himself with jizz.

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3 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Roman Todd OR Aston Springs?
  1. Bjwbjw says:

    Both are hot, but Roman is so damm sexy. Wish I could be his bottom.

  2. sicilianmikey says:

    Both would do just fine.

  3. Tony60416 says:

    I absolutely love Roman!! He has such a handsome face!! Those eyes!! I could just stare at him all day, while he’s fucking me of course!!