WORK IT UP W/ Alam Wernik & Mateo Fernandez…



FALCON STUDIOS: Alam Wernik is back in the office after his mishap with his slacks earlier in the week. His co-worker, Mateo Fernandez opens up his computer and stumbles on a video of Alam fucking his insatiable ass with a fuck machine. Mateo instantly gets hard and pulls out his uncut cock to start stroking it. When Alam notices what’s happening, Mateo taunts the techie with his cock and slaps it on the desk a few times. Alam takes that as his que to invite Mateo over to his desk and get on his knees to service the thick meat swinging in his face. Alam does as Mateo wishes and works his way from tip to balls on Mateo’s uncut pole. After taking Mateo’s meat down his throat, Alam offers up his succulent hole for a taste. Mateo dives right in and tongue-fucks Alam’s famous ass to lube it up for something bigger. Alam begs for more, so Mateo honors his co-workers request and slides his thick cock deep into Alam’s eager hole. Alam grips the edge of the desk he’s bent over on to take the hard pounding that Mateo is delivering. The two techies switch position with Alam on his back so he can stoke his own uncut cock while he takes the pounding from his co-worker. With Mateo deep inside, Alam erupts with a thick load spurting onto his sweat-glistened abs. Mateo pulls out and adds his own load to the mix, glazing Alam’s drained cock and balls with his creamy load.

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5 comments on “WORK IT UP W/ Alam Wernik & Mateo Fernandez…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    It’s a pass for me.

  2. TongueToHole says:

    as mentioned before, they’re both a little young for me. However, Mateo’s still cute. Alam does nothing for me.

    • hrychstlvr69 says:

      Agree with you TongueToHole – Alam’s got the body and the cock, but to me, the sum of the parts is less than the individual parts. Does zero for me personally.

  3. BellevilleBud4Bj says:

    Why would anyone want to pass on this set. They are both hot as hell and definitely old enough to play with

  4. tuscany says:

    Blondes, it seems, really do have more fun.