The turn-on of porn-art

Logan Moore by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

Nicolas Brunet is an illustrator based in Bordeaux, France. As well as being a contributing artist to Class Comics, every day he posts to Twitter his hot-as-fuck drawings of the men from the world of gay porn.

Ryan Rose and Nick Sterling by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

I caught up with Brunet to talk about the art of drawing gay porn stars.

When you’re drawing an image of a porn star, which part of the body do you start with?

Usually I’m starting with the shape of the face, then the nose, eyes or mouth, and then hair.

I like drawing the hair on a guy’s head, but drawing hair on a chest is very boring and time-consuming. So is drawing a tattoo. I like hairy guys just as much as guys with smooth bodies, but I don’t draw many hairy men - it’s just laziness.

I also like drawing different body shapes - muscular guys as well as thin guys. What I like is the harmony of the shape of the body. It’s a bit like listening to music - you can enjoy both happy songs and sad songs for the different feelings that they give you. With muscular guys, I know that I’ll have to play with the rhythm of curving lines, whereas with thin guys it has to be more angular lines.

The most difficult part of a male body to draw is abs. I find it really difficult to draw abs on a guy.

Scottish Singlet by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

Does drawing hot guys having sex turn you on, or is it more the challenge to capture the moment?

I get hard thinking about the idea of what I’m going to draw, but when I’m actually drawing I’m too focused on the technical side of things to think about sex. There is something sensual about the feel of the pencil, the movement over paper, and the smell of ink, but there’s a lot to concentrate on - the lines, the shadows, the proportions, the colours. I enjoy the process but it’s not a turn-on.

Yujen by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

You’ve said that you’re inspired and influenced by Japanese manga, what makes manga and bara such a sexy art form?

Bara is sexy because everything is oversized. Bara uses the graphic code of manga which is to exaggerate the body - big eyes, disproportionate physiques. This style of drawing makes characters unreal - you can’t really identify yourself with these characters, but it sets your imagination free. There’s no limits, which is cool. It’s pure entertainment.

In recent years, manga and Japanese anime have been exported all over the world. Series like Ghost in the Shell, Pokémon, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and the work of Miyazaki became phenomenons all over the world. People who are fans of anime, manga, and porn are able to access a lot more of this art-form.

Ely Thighs by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

Which porn stars are currently catching your attention?

It’s hard to answer that question - I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Every guy has something that catches my attention - it could be the shape of their body, their eyes, their mouth, even their nose or the shape of their jaw.

Sometimes I draw someone just for a detail of their face or body. For example, I love Pietro Duarte’s mouth, lips and jaw. I love Arad Winwin’s eyes, and Leander’s red hair and body shape. I love the total look of Sebastian Keys. I love Antonio Miracle’s eyes, nose and jaw. I love the broken nose and fit body of Caleb King. I love the nose and eyes of Tim Kruger. Also, I absolutely love the nose of Klein Kerr. The eyes of Shawn Andrews, the thin body of Cory Kane, the long body shape and naughty eyes of Skyy Knox. I like a lot the haircut of William Seeds, as well as his square jaw and lips. Plus I love Yujen’s body’s proportions. I could go on.

Sometimes, actors that I find fucking hot and sexy and very photogenic would make a very bad drawing - of course, the opposite is also true. There’s some guys that I really like - personally and physically - but I can’t succeed in drawing a nice portrait of them.

Recently, I’ve been looking at some non-porn models. Guys like Brandon Mayers, Zander Hodgson, Anthony Forte, Phil Bruce, Nick Sandell, Todd Sanfield, Diego Barros - it’s also interesting to draw them.

William Seed by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

What do you want guys to feel when they’re looking at your drawings?

I’m selfish - I’m drawing what I want, when I want, and who I want. I’m not taking requests or commissions - that puts me under too much pressure and stress.

But what’s personal can become universal. I hope that I can people a few seconds of entertainment - it’s a bonus if they consider it art.
I do get some guys sending me messages telling me that my illustrations make them horny, and photos of their cum-shot. I take that as a compliment.

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Pietro Duarte and Gabriel Phoenix by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

Gabriel Cross by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

Tim Kruger by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

Unknown model by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

All images courtesy of Nicolas Brunet

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