Vic Valentine - Delivering Danish Dick

Vic Valentine (image supplied)

Vic Valentine moved from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, and began exploring the leather and fetish scene of his adopted city.

I caught up with Vic soon after he had taken things to the next level – launching his porn career.

We’ve been appreciating your work on Twitter for a while, but you’ve recently made the move into filming porn, with both Noel Alejandro and Timtales. What led you to make that step to continue to explore the world of porn?

It’s been a step that has been many years under way. I’ve always been curious about the industry, but never had the courage to do anything about it. Mundane things like shame and fear of what people would think held me back.

It wasn’t until I escaped Denmark and settled in Amsterdam that I developed a new mindset, thanks to the care and encouragement of my new community. I learned to slowly let go of my inhibitions and shame, and enjoy living a sex-positive lifestyle that I felt I could be open and honest about.

I started working on my body – I’ve always felt very skinny. Now I have a healthy height-to-body ratio that I feel comfortable in. That, combined with the timing of an offer to work with Noel Alejandro – who’ve I’ve always promised myself I’d work with if I got the courage and chance – just meant that one beautiful day in March of this year, I took a deep breath and gave him the most significant “yes” so far in my life.

Shortly after coming back from Berlin and the shoot with Noel, I was contacted by Tim Kruger who asked if I’d be interested in shooting with Timtales. I was honestly quite honoured just to be asked, so I happily accepted.

Vic Valentine (image supplied)

The first scene released was the scene from Timtales where you’re being fucked by Tim Kruger. How did it feel to see yourself in action on screen? 

So far, I’ve not let myself see more than the trailer, and even that alone has been one of the most surreal yet rewarding experiences in my life. At the end of the day, to everyone else, it’s just another porn – but to me it’s a milestone. I fucking did it! Literally.

Vic Valentine and Tim Kruger (image courtesy of

What sort of response did you get when the scene was released?

I really didn’t know what to expect, but it has been nothing less than overwhelming. My introduction on Timtales made me blush and happy, and some of the blogs have been writing very kind words about my first scene.

Besides that, I’ve received everything from public tweets, articles, private messages, and emails – all positive. All of them make me super-happy, but the ones that really have an impact on me are the messages from guys telling me that they wish that they had the courage to do what I do – that I seem to be living life to the fullest. It impacts me because I wish for everyone to live their lives to the fullest, however that may be.

Plus, Timtales must be happy because I’ve been invited back.

Vic Valentine and Tim Kruger (image courtesy of

In your next scene with Timtales you were paired with Koldo Goran. You’re really taking on some big challenges. Would you describe yourself as a power-bottom?

I have my power-bottom moments. I’d met Koldo in Berlin a couple of years ago – I knew that I liked him, and I knew what I was in for. There’s a moment in our scene where he’s repeatedly thrusting through my second sphincter and I’m feeling a roller-coaster of feelings – ranging from ‘quite surprised’ to ‘extraordinarily turned on’ as well as trying to finding new ways to breathe. I’m very curious to see how my face looks during that intense pounding.

I feel super-lucky and happy to have worked with Koldo – I love hung guys with a sense of humour.

Vic Valentine and Koldo Goran (image courtesy of

Noel Alejandro’s style of film is quite different to Timtales – how did you enjoy working with Noel Alejandro? 

I liked working with Noel because it’s like the good old days on set. I’m originally a trained actor, so I’m not new to the camera – just to the being naked and penetrated part of it.

I like that Noel works with characters and a story-line where sex is shown, because what’s more true to real life than that? Besides that, the theme is about crystal meth use, so I’m both excited and curious as to how it will be received. Let me be clear – there’s no actual drugs on set, although if it looks authentic then we’ve done a good job.

I loved working with Noel and my scene partner is the lovely Yann Andre, who has an irresistible French accent.

Poster for The Seed by Noel Alejandro, featuring Vic Valentine (image supplied)

Why did you move from Copenhagen to Amsterdam?

It was an accumulation of many things. After visiting Amsterdam for the first time in 2015, I instantly fell in love with the city and its vibe. All of a sudden I had something to compare Copenhagen to, and unfortunately it was painfully clear to me – I wasn’t happy, I felt alone, and I felt that my life and career weren’t really going anywhere.

Also, I was having doubts as to whether my chosen career was really the right path for me. I was single, I was working freelance, and I didn’t really have any plans for the future.

A few months later, I was sitting in a park late night, smoking a joint, and contemplating life. I just thought to myself: ‘Fuck it, I’m moving to Amsterdam.’ Three months later, I did.

Vic Valentine (image supplied)

When did you first begin to explore your passion for leather, kink, and fetish gear?

A couple of years ago. I remember seeing a product video for a puppy-hood, and was more than intrigued. It created a chain reaction of curiosity that over time opened my eyes to many kinks and fetishes, including bondage, fisting, pup-play, rubber and – of course – leather.

In the early stages of this curiosity I still lived in Copenhagen, and because of it being all new and unknown, I had no idea who to share these thoughts and questions with. I felt alienated. I was afraid of being labeled as weird. In hindsight, those feelings were probably a bit ridiculous and I might have alienated myself more than necessary, but that was my perspective as a newbie.

Since I’ve left Copenhagen, I see more and more activity on the Danish fetish scene, which makes me happy. Visibility is key, especially to newcomers in fetish. I’ve had a steep learning curve here in Amsterdam. I’ve become much more fearless – I’ve never been this free in my life, and that feels fucking awesome.

Vic Valentine and Koldo Goran (image courtesy of

What is it about fetish gear and kink that excites you?

Gear makes me feel sexy, powerful, quirky, horny, and silly – independently, or all at the same time. Bottom line is, I have fun with it.
In regards to kink, I can honestly say that it allows me to have mind-blowing sex – who wouldn’t want to have that?

What’s life like for a Danish guy living in Amsterdam?

Life in Amsterdam is magical. Every time I bike along one of the canals, I smile. There’s this vibe, this note in the air that I only feel in this city. I’m obviously biased, but it was that vibe that made me move there. There’s no drastic differences for a Danish guy to live here, especially if you learn the language. Amsterdam is very international, and tourism is very present. Because of the many events and parties during the year, there’s also quite a decent amount of gay tourism.

Vic Valentine (image supplied)

Do you have any favourite bars or clubs?

My personal favourite is Club Church. First of all, as a guest, you have different themes every day so there’s something to suit all tastes. Also, the staff there are just too freaking nice to people. My favourite night to go would be their Underwear parties on Fridays – an absolute must when you’re visiting! I mean, everyone is in a jock, underwear, or nothing. Yum!

If someone was visiting Amsterdam on vacation, is it easy to meet local guys?

Yes, although I think people tend to either pre-arrange that on dating apps or while visiting. Local guys tend to hang out on Reguliersdwarsstraat – a street with a broad selection of gay and gay-friendly clubs and bars.

Vic Valentine and Koldo Goran (image courtesy of

Any suggestions on where to meet guys in Amsterdam?

For cruising, I’d check out The Eagle, Dirty Dicks, The Web, and Cuckoo’s Nest – they’re all bars with cruising areas. A lot of guys end up going to the sauna – we have only the one, it’s called NZ (Gay Sauna Nieuwezijds). It’s close to the central station, and it’s really neatly done. I think any vacation to Amsterdam deserves a relaxing trip to the sauna.

Where do you think your porn career might take you next?

I honestly have no idea. It’s taken hold on a level I couldn’t even have imagined. I’m doing porn because it’s been a dream of mine to have the guts to do it. Now. apparently, I have – I’ll just go with it and see where it takes me.

As well as being invited back by Timtales, I’ve also received some other offers. I’m just quietly trying to set out a path for myself that will give me a lot of fun new experiences.

Vic Valentine (image supplied)

Images courtesy of Vic Valentine,, and Noel Alejandro

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