CockyBoys Fan Only! Boomer Banks & Nate Stetson in a HOT FUCK FEST…

COCKY BOYS: Nate Stetson has something sexy-dirty in mind for his CockyBoys debut with Boomer Banks! In this CBFO/BOOMBOXXX condomless scene Nate wants to top Boomer and film himself blowing a load in his hole. Boomer doesn’t need much convincing and with a little camera set-up, they dive right into making out. Although this is Nate’s idea, Boomer goes first with some POV action on Nate’s big, muscular ass. Boomer tears open Nate’s tight briefs and buries his face in his ass before he slides his thick cock along Nate’s deep crack.

Nate gets to suck Boomer’s cock but it’s when Boomer reciprocates that Nate gets to play POV director. And soon he has Boomer naked on all fours so he can rim and fuck him..with Boomer thrusting back on Nate’s cock. Nate gets him on his back and he temporarily tames Boomer, who responds with purring moans with every deep thrust. Boomer is not the passive bottom however. He sits up and rides Nate’s cock with energy and control, appearing as though he’s the one doing the fucking.

With their passionate energy in sync Nate moves back to take Boomer from the side and deep-dick him closer and closer to the edge. However it’s Nate who climaxes first, pulling out slightly and sliding back in to give Boomer most of his load. With his dirty desires fulfilled, Nate pulls out to watch his load ooze out of Boomer and then goes back to fucking him until he shoots his thick wad. As Nate basks in the glow next to a spent Boomer, twop words emerge from his satisfied lips: “Fuck, amazing”

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13 comments on “CockyBoys Fan Only! Boomer Banks & Nate Stetson in a HOT FUCK FEST…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    The artwork isn’t very appealing in some of the images, that said, probably Nate.

  2. Biman96 says:

    Two hot men

  3. bimale1954 says:

    I’ll take both of those cocks!

  4. pmaul says:

    I like the environment and the “Polaroid®” look!

  5. RI_Red says:

    Agree with Pmaul and I love the “porn stach”… ;@)

  6. Jerry11 says:

    Nate has one hot looking bod especially the one shot showing his backside. Mr. Tats — a big pass.

  7. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Nate for me. Agree with pmaul re the polaroids

  8. randomwpg27 says:

    Definitely not the white guy, his dick is unfortunate

    • hrychstlvr69 says:

      I’d be more than happy to enjoy some one on one time with Nate’s dick – that being said, I LOVE the phrase “his dick is unfortunate”. That is a classic!

  9. gary47 says:

    a couple of very hot men I will take both of them one on one or better yet together Woof Woof.

  10. hole_stretcher says:

    the vid was hot

  11. pgtonedandtall says:

    Both hot, but prefer the natural guy without the tats. If the tats could be removed I would prefer the other guy. Both hot though!

  12. bike69 says:

    Perfect match.