WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Brian Bonds OR Teddy Bear?



RAGING STALLION: Riley Mitchel takes a break from his busy day as the building Super to unwind by spying on Brian Bonds and Teddy Bear on a hidden camera. Riley drops his pants and starts tugging on his thick dick as he secretly watches the two hunks hook up. Brian and Teddy get hot and heavy as they take turns burying their faces in each other’s ripe, hairy pits. That does the trick for both of them and soon they’re rock hard. Teddy whips out his dick and cock-hungry Brian can’t wait to taste his meat. He gets the nice long shaft down his throat and sucks just long enough for Teddy to want to return the favor. The furry hunk laps up Brian’s oozing precum and slowly works his way down Brian’s balls to his asshole. Teddy eats him out getting Brian nice and opened up before Brian begs for Teddy’s cock. Teddy does as he’s told and slides his raging hard-on deep into Brian’s fuzzy crack. He pounds away until Brian decides it’s his turn to bury his bone. Teddy takes a seat on Brian’s big, hard cock and bounces up and down working Brian’s rod with his tight hole. Brian pounds his g-spot, and when Teddy can’t hold off any longer, he blasts his load all over Brian’s hairy stomach. Brian loves what he sees and takes a taste before he stands up and covers Teddy’s face and beard with a giant creamy load of jizz.

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4 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Brian Bonds OR Teddy Bear?
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Brian stands out. Teddy has potential. Maybe I’ll warm up to him the next time we see him here.

  2. needmen says:


  3. cardiffmikey says:

    TEDDY!!! where has he been hiding? Although i wouldnt say ‘no’ to Brian either – he has always been a favourite of mine

  4. Biman96 says:

    Both for me