SPUNK U: Some guys come to Spunk U with a natural ability to tease the viewer and reach through the camera lens to tickle your gonads. Ken Ott is a gorgeous model who needed to learn how to seem sexy, approachable and personal in photos and video. SpunkU was the first stop on that journey. He’s a spectacular looking guy with a great body and super cock. Great raw materials, but needed some skills to put those natural gifts to use and drive his career through the roof. This photoshoot shows us the BTS process of training and coaxing those natural talents. He poses in a variety of sexy getups and seductive layouts, and we see and hear Dickham’s coaching that puts him at ease and turns a pretty man into a HOT sex symbol. He slowly grinds his hips and caresses his nipples and taut muscular body. Sexy warm light bathes him in just the right blend of shadow and light, and he turns into the dream man of everyone’s fantasy.

His full pouting lips are just what you’d want to feel wrapped around your cock, and his tight, slightly furry ass crack is a promise of unbelievable pleasures. He works his dick smoothly, with no hurry, begins to invite us in to what feels like a private evening with the hottest guy around. He turns around on hands and knees and seductively flexes his lower back so his ass pumps toward us. He runs a finger across his slightly open hole, and we wonder are we man enough to fuck him? He works his golden cock into a fleshlight and slowly strokes, moving steadily forward into that point of no return. Lying on his back, his balls tighten, legs propel him up, and he pumps out a hot creamy load. Did the coaching help? Let’s just say his career has been rising and getting hotter, just like his gorgeous dick.


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  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Kindly pass.

  2. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Decent looking stud, but as a lover of man fur found Diego hotter

  3. Hornybuttboy says:

    Very hot boys, 😋

  4. bimale1954 says:

    Would love a round with him and Diego yummy!

  5. Jerry11 says:

    Just find Ken very hot! My kind of guy. What beautiful man.

  6. TongueToHole says:

    He’s gorgeous

  7. stick19 says:

    Your right, he is fucking beautiful.

  8. tallmanmn says:

    Oh my god he is one lovely man. Could see waking up next to him every day!

  9. o2cool says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  10. namdlo says:

    No Thanks

  11. bigpa says:

    I like the bearded Diego Sans… lets see more of HIM!

  12. hotforyouanytime says:

    FINALLY a beautiful Asian. He’s got it all: purple inflated cock, well-defined balls, nice pubic hair and veins all over his dick.

  13. BearStar4U2 says:

    Ken Ott What a Hottie !
    Other guy, Not so with
    that ”untrimmed ‘ Beard !

  14. ljg says:

    Hate when a porn star or wanta be porn star don’t know how to such a cock.

  15. pmaul says:

    Nice photography.

  16. flamingkisser says:

    Ken Ott is super hot!!!

  17. james50james says:

    OMG He is absolutely gorgeous!

  18. showitoff says:

    Wow beautiful all the way! What a body! I would swallow that cock and load too after licking him from head to toe!
    Why bother commenting at all you don’t like him…just makes you look like a fucking bitch……and no one gives two fucks….

  19. senior60 says:

    Diego for me sure wish I could have see his hairy ass, bet it’s tasty

  20. bike69 says:

    What a body.

  21. Smiffo99 says:

    He could piss down my throat any day

  22. Numberman says:

    You are right showitoff. Who knew there were so many racist assholes in the white gay community?