Sawyer’s Bottoming Debut (with Max) @CORBINFISHER…

At Corbin Fisher, it is only proper that Sawyer’s bottoming debut is with Max! Sawyer doesn’t hesitate before getting down on his knees and giving Max a sloppy, wet blowjob. Sawyer then climbs up on Max and sits on his huge cock. He’s taking a hard pounding just as well as he’s been dishing them out lately.

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20 comments on “Sawyer’s Bottoming Debut (with Max) @CORBINFISHER…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Max is more my speed.

  2. bimale1954 says:

    Max please!

  3. Heythere250 says:

    yes two hot studs!!! i can not choose 😛

  4. webbo3 webbo3 says:

    Both are hot but think the bottom just wins it

  5. Jerry11 says:

    Both are hot!

  6. DAVEWESLEY says:

    think I take the top lad home

  7. stick19 says:

    Both guys are real lookers. Very hard to choose one over the other.

  8. TongueToHole says:

    I’d happily fuck Sawyer

  9. irakeven says:

    hot guys, fuck a ginger yeah!!

  10. chuteslidr says:

    definitely the ginger!!

  11. Biman96 says:

    Both for me

  12. pmaul says:

    So hot!

  13. deafblind46 says:

    Very good for the men by naked.

  14. russer says:

    love ginger.

  15. jonat says:

    both please

  16. senior60 says:

    Both nice Great to see a little watersports

  17. cardiffmikey says:

    Sawyer please

  18. bike69 says:

    Love that ginger cock and ass.

  19. p_o_l says:

    fuck, I LOVE Ginger cock ;@)