Jax & Sean Bareback @SEANCODY…

SEAN CODY: Blonde-haired Jax is enjoying getting his huge, thick cock sucked on by dark-headed Sean as they cruise the waters on a boat under sunny skies. Jax is a tall and beefy stud while Sean totes a muscular body with a few tattoos adorning it. “I met this cute, little stud down at the dock earlier and I had to get him alone so I rented this boat and took him out on the water and things got a little heated,” says a smiling Jax. He continues, “I decided to give it a little taste of dick in my mouth today!” “This is going to be new, huh?” says Sean, knowing he is also packing a monster dick. “It’s my first time, but I promise to treat you like a veteran. You deserve it,” responds Jax, as he combs through Sean’s thick head of hair. The pair can hardly keep their hands off each other as they admire their well-built bodies and make their way back to land. “You might become adickted to it!” says Sean jokingly. “Probably!” retorts Jax.

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23 comments on “Jax & Sean Bareback @SEANCODY…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Hot guys….despite some of the usual nonsense these days.

  2. Jerry11 says:

    Both certainly have great looking dicks. But, oh so staged!

  3. Heythere250 says:

    staged or not….both are hot but Jax has the edge (doubt it was his first cock)

  4. TongueToHole says:


  5. kusajun says:

    Summer of the twink, it seems. I gave up carolling through this after a dew pics and started rummaging around for something to read. ZZZZ…

    • johnnie10 says:

      then why bother coming back here if you fall asleep all the time, no one is requiring you to look at this site since you think its so boring

  6. ljg says:

    Beautiful cocks on both of these hot men.

  7. Topdog73 says:

    Both dudes are sexy with juicy, thick dicks and hot bubble asses!!! I’ll give sean the edge because I’m loving the fuzzy chest and i think he’s a little cuter!!

    All the camera gazing and posing kind of killed the moment for me though!!

  8. jimmybananas says:

    Looks like they’re having fun, despite the staging. Sex should always be fun!

  9. big4slim says:

    Both hot guys, and they’re smiling! How refreshing 🙂

  10. pmaul says:

    Nice couple. The ass shot on the boat is my favorite.

  11. irakeven says:

    the video got me well horny, nicebig cocks & good looking guys, great

  12. bimale1954 says:

    I want both of those big cocks!

  13. Biman96 says:

    Hot men

  14. shyguy2291 says:

    These two guys are fucking HOT to me!! I would love to suck and flip fuck with them both!!

  15. retprin says:

    definitely a pair of super hottttt fukkas

  16. iluv2cumm says:

    Oh my – would love Jax cock in my ass and Sean’s in my mouth!

  17. loveman50 says:

    Hot, handsome and big dick men would love to play.

  18. bananajoe says:

    HOT 69 SHOT!

  19. mbjk1956 says:

    I want and need them both 1 on 1 and together

  20. senior60 says:

    Sean is my fav, but both have nice big cocks and tasty holes

  21. bike69 says:

    I to enjoyed the 69 shot.

  22. activ says:

    hot guys. the staged, poised posing is annoying tho. Takes away the sexuality of it all. Might as well be eating dinner. “yeah, get ya cock in there, ooh yeah… now look at the ceiling, flex one arm, hold a beer in the other hand, pass me the remote while youre at it…”.