WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Markie More OR Spencer Laval?


ACTIVE DUTY: Markie was eager to get this scene going so we let him go at and he wrapped his mouth around Spencer’s big dick with a quickness never seen before. He started deep throating him while stroking his own dick. Spencer couldn’t believe the sensation he was feeling and his dick was rock hard as Markie kept sucking every inch of that shaft. They both continued to swap back and forth seeing who could give the best BJ but Markie wanted to be fucked by this young buck and Spencer was ready for it. Markie bent his smooth ass over and let Spencer slowly push into his tight hole stretching it out and once he was balls deep Spencer started pounding that tight ass. Markie loves to be fucked hard and it has been awhile since he got some AD cock. Spencer kept on thrusting deep and hard into Markie’s tight ass making him moan with pleasure and extreme enjoyment. Spencer flipped him over and spread his legs wide as Markie looked up at him stroking his hard cock. Spencer’s hard dick keeps going in and out as every inch is buried deep inside Markie. Markie couldn’t hold back any longer and as he was stroking his hard cock his nut came blasting out all over himself with Spencer’s dick still inside him. Spencer pulled his cock out and stroked his creamy nut all over Markie’s ripped chest.

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17 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Markie More OR Spencer Laval?
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Yes to both, easily!

  2. Heythere250 says:

    how can one choose?? but id love to fuk Markie for sure!

  3. Rickie30 says:

    each very hot till their shirts came off, nasty tats

  4. pmaul says:

    Very hot couple, into themselves.

  5. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Impossible to pick one. Great pairing of two very hot studs.

  6. Jerry11 says:

    Would be better if they didn’t scare their skin with dumb tats. Why take away from a bod that is so beautiful. As the olde saying goes, “Less is better.” Both are good eye candy except for the stupid tats.

  7. Biman96 says:

    Both for me

  8. kusajun says:

    Neither, these hairless pale twinks are plain boring.

  9. kevin89 says:

    Markie… for sure. We can flip flop

  10. BearStar4U2 says:

    Spencer, the one without the tats on his upper chest

  11. DAVEWESLEY says:

    fit both of em i don’t mind the tats .. its just what young guys are into defo choose the top lad though hes just stunning .. more of the same please

  12. biboylooking2 says:

    markie ftw

  13. jonat says:

    Spencer for me.

  14. hole_stretcher says:

    i’ll take both

  15. blacktshirt says:

    no evidence of actual penetration … models just pretending to fuck?

  16. homoerectus2k says:

    Wow! This guys got it going… i would’ve love seen them flip!!

  17. bike69 says:

    Not enough passion.