PEEKING PIPER W/ Chad Piper & Ryan Jordan…

NEXT DOOR RAW: Ryan Jordan has suspected that someone is spying on him at his home for quite some time, but when he finds Chad Piper naked as hell and standing in his closet, he has no idea how to react. Chad tries to explain that he’s just likes to watch, but Ryan tells him he’s in the middle of it now, and that he’s gonna have to more than watch if he doesn’t want Ryan to report him. Ryan wags his dick at Chad and tells him better get a much closer look at it quickly, so Chad obliges and takes it in his mouth. Ryan grabs Chad by the back of his head and pushes him further down onto his meaty cock, and Chad realizes how much he’s been missing just watching from the closet.

He flips Ryan over and begins to eat his ass, tongue fucking his hole and licking Ryan’s taint, before standing up and filling Ryan up with his hard cock. Ryan tells Chad to fuck him harder and Chad delivers, pounding Ryan doggy style. Ryan decides he wants to be in control so he tells Chad to lay back, mounting him and giving him a ride while his hard dick bounches against his stomach in rhythm. Once he’s had his fill, he dismounts and tells Chad it’s time for him to get the ‘full’ experience. With that, he spreads Chad’s legs and fucks him raw, pounding him as punishment for spying on him. Chad takes it willingly, jacking himself as Ryan fucks him harder and harder. He sprays his load as Ryan pulls out and does the same, coating Chad in jizz. Ryan tells Chad he doesn’t have to be so secret about it anymore, and Chad, covered in cum, agrees.

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17 comments on “PEEKING PIPER W/ Chad Piper & Ryan Jordan…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Not bad. Both have a little something.

  2. Biman96 says:

    Hot men take both

  3. Jerry11 says:

    The scared bod is a big pass. Tats to me, my personal opinion, are so dumb. I will take Mr. Vanilla.

  4. usechris says:

    Chad (the guy without tats) is so hot, I will be thinking about him all day and evening.

  5. webbo3 webbo3 says:

    Wouldn’t say no to either but the guy with the tatts wins…..he’s gorgeous

  6. pmaul says:

    Not for me.

  7. senior60 says:

    A little young for me. I like mature guys generally. The tats turn me off, but when I’m horny I can overlook them.

  8. hrychstlvr69 says:

    The sex is good. The guys are each hot in their own way. But that bookcase….that was cool 😉

  9. bimale1954 says:

    Would love to get fucked by these two!

  10. gary47 says:

    I could suck and get fucked by these two all afternoon woof woof!!!!

  11. TongueToHole says:

    prefer the blonde

  12. DAVEWESLEY says:

    go for both .. my type of lads .. slim toned with big cocks nothing i don’t like

  13. showitoff says:

    Emmmm Yum! I would take both loads! Great ink art work too!

  14. big4slim says:

    Both are adorable, especially Chad!

  15. blacktshirt says:

    Ryan’s tattoo “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR” is stupid in the extreme

  16. bike69 says:

    Not up to par.

  17. retprin says:

    I think they are gorgeous together and they can spitroast or dp me any day . please fuck me