A Hard Goodbye to Rafael Alencar

The Brazil-born, world-famous porn star Rafael Alencar officially announced his retirement earlier this week – and he will be missed. With about 15 years in the industry, he’s built up quite the reputation and with good reason. In addition to being incredibly handsome, with a banging body, he’s got a dick that will make your jaw drop (literally).

In a recent interview for “NSFW With Marc McNamara”, Alencar was candid about the decision: “I’m very proud of all the movies that I did. I’m very happy for the things I did. I travel all over the world and people recognize me everywhere, no matter where I am. This is a very good year because I’m retiring from porn finally. I’m done… I did my share.”

To commemorate a long and steamy career, here are some of the best photos that show why we love him.

1. Let’s just say his dick gives him a leg up on other porn stars.

2. Based on this bottom’s face, it seems his dick is tops.

3. If you thought his name was a mouthful, you should try his dick.

4. Who wouldn’t let this stud handcuff them?

5. The only thing better than having him lock you up is being locked up with him.

6. When it comes to men, Rafael has enjoyed a full spread.

7. It’s only natural to get horny when you see him.

8. Just look at that ripe peach.

9. Would you let him ride you like that?

10. Sometimes being a porn star blows. No wonder he’s retiring.

11. He’s plowed a whole lot of hole.

12.He’s every bottom’s wet dream.

13. He’s got enough dick to go around.

14. This picture is full of wood. So is this bottom.

15. He’s shocked by the size of Rafael’s dick. We’re shocked that Rafael is retiring.

Which picture is your favourite? Leave a comment down below.

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2 comments on “A Hard Goodbye to Rafael Alencar
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    He barely rings a bell….odd. Some of his co-stars are more familiar. Kinda weird I hardly recall him.

  2. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Amazing cock (plus the body & face). 15 years is a great run. Really good to see another one leaving alive. Hope he goes on to a healthy, happy & successful next chapter.