Cruising Exhibition in Venice

Cruising gets a long overdue moment on the world stage at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice this May with its very own ‘Cruising Pavilion’. With both drinks and poppers being served at the launch party on May 25th, the Pavilion will showcase how public spaces like toilets and parks provide a much needed hook-up space.

It’s unclear what exactly the Cruising Pavilion will feature yet – lots of toilets? Sexy slideshows of cruising’s scandalous history? Pics of men innocently peering around bathroom stalls? The Pavilion’s press release seems intentionally cryptic, providing about as much detail as a daddy messaging you at 4am looking to hookup (“U up??”).

The press release also doesn’t say whether the Pavilion will be an actual cruising zone. When reached out for further comment, co-curator Charles Teyssou stated that the Pavilion is “not a ‘cruising space’ per se, but the act of cruising is definitely part of the exhibition’s experience!” Here’s hoping it’s open 24/7 and patrolled by the kind of security guards you usually only see in 70’s pornos. For more background about the project’s inspiration check out the Cruising Pavilion’s Instagram, which is full of gay memes, queer art and thirst traps guaranteed to leave you tenting.

We’re so excited for the Pavilion to open and perhaps it will become’s hottest new cruising spot! If you’re visiting the exhibition in Venice, be sure to check out our local cruising listings on for a chance to hook up with some sexy locals.

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  1. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Very intriguing. As if there already weren’t enough reasons to visit Venice.