Squirt.org Appears in Cruising Documentary

For years, Squirt.org has been facilitating hookups across the world. Moreover, our cruising listings have helped horny men find the best spots to meet hot guys, the “old fashioned” way – in a bathroom, park, or gym. To close-minded people, the hookups that happen at these different popular spots may seem insignificant. They may seem like meaningless, anonymous encounters, but sometimes they’re even more than that.

This is what the Netflix documentary “100 Men” highlights, and it features Squirt.org to show it. In the film, director Paul Oremland revisits the memories of his 100 most significant hookups of his life. He has documented these men, some by name and some by short forms like “the rent boy” or “the accountant”, in a long list. He tracks down these men and interviews them. His ultimate goal is to create an image of how the lives of gay men have changed as a whole over his lifetime.

Squirt.org makes a number of appearances in the film, reminding us that sometimes a hookup can just be some fun, but it can also mean a whole lot more.

Check out “100 Men” on Netflix.

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2 comments on “Squirt.org Appears in Cruising Documentary
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Interesting. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. homoerectus2k says:

    I watched the documentary on Netflix, nothing to write home about, but entertaining. Yes, there are several references toSquirt.