PRIDE STUDIOS: Dante Colle is waiting for Peter to get him and he has a surprise waiting for him which is himself with a red ribbon on for Peter Rough’s birthday. Peter has had a long day at work and when he gets home they both have to get ready for the birthday party. Dante tells Peter to come into the bedroom and Peter Rough isn’t too happy about it until he sees Dante butt naked wearing only a red ribbon. Peter sees his sexy gift and they start making out letting their hands explore all over. Peter is excited and pushes Dante onto the bed where he begins to suck on his big thick cock. Dante is getting all the attention but Peter Rough does love it. Dante flips the birthday boy over and starts to blow him deep and hard. He then bends Peter over and spreads his ass and begins to rim it getting it ready for his hard cock. Dante Colle pushes his hard dick into Peter and he starts the birthday fucking. Peter likes it rough and Dante gives it to him good. Dante Colle fucks Peter all over the bedroom until he blows his load all over his chest and Peter lets his load loose all over himself.

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13 comments on “SURPRISE!!! STUD PUPPY Dante Colle FUCKS HIS DADDY Peter Rough…
  1. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Hot set! Both studs were hot in different ways. I wouldn’t say no to a threesome.

  2. bimale1954 says:

    I’d take that cock and the other one too!

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    Dante wins it. I’d include Peter but, that hairstyle is, in my honest opinion, unflattering and a bit ridiculous. Sadly, the choice of eyewear makes him look older than he is. Sad, not many men over 50 have a chance to shine in porn. I feel this was a bit of a missed opportunity for the man.

    • tuxcon says:

      Was he wearing his eyewear on his dick? I didn’t notice! Peter can come around to my house anytime / many times. Great little birthday coupling.

      • sicilianmikey says:

        If that’s you being funny or sarcastic, please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  4. hairyclay says:

    I LOVE. just Love the ‘Daddy’ ! He can have me anytime. GGGGGGrrrrrrrr!!!!

  5. thorrtonne says:

    The Daddy obviously needed cock up the ass and he got it. Good fucking Dante!

  6. pmaul says:

    Nice pairing of older and younger.

  7. willwig says:

    I think the pairing is hot and the scenes are hot as hell. As for the attraction of the whole man, I agree with Sicilian Mikey about the stupid haircut. Totally takes away from the otherwise hot man. Looks like the antithesis of male pattern baldness and as a result, is insulting!

  8. gary47 says:

    Dante is the winner for me, but if both have to play a 3 some it shall be. Woof woof.

  9. scot_bottom says:

    Personally I think Daddy should always be the top.

  10. bike69 says:

    Love daddy with experience to break in young lad in art man to man sex.

  11. dickseeker says:

    I like his hair and think he,s really Hott……def liked to fuck his hole