Nominate Your Favourite Porn Star #Grabbys

Sooner or later you end up with a favourite porn star. One day you’re making your usual round through porn sites when you see a guy that makes your mouse stop and your heart stop, too. Suddenly your interest is piqued and your cock is throbbing. You see his name in the title and next thing you know you’re searching every site you can for him. You want to watch him in more and more scenes — sucking dick, taking dick, or fucking a tight ass.

Luckily, there are awards to celebrate these hot studs. The Grabby Awards (The Grabbys) take place every year in Chicago, and members have the ultimate privilege to pick their own winner. That’s right — you can nominate your favourite porn star – just click the button below to get started.

Nominate NOW!

Not sure who to nominate? Here are ten sizzling options:

1. Ace Era

His tattoo tells you the main thing that he wants, but he may also want you to nominate him. He’s got the kind of body you have to work for and an ass that won’t quit.

2. Andrew Stark

Andrew comes in stark contrast to other men. He’s the kind of guy you’d stop and stare at if you saw him on the street – and surely that’s worth an award. Not convinced? Just look at him naked.

3. Brad Kalvo

Wouldn’t you love a big hairy daddy? Wouldn’t you love a piece of Brad Kalvo?

4. Cliff Jensen

He’s got the bad boy look and you know he’s pretty naughty.

5. Kristofer Weston

This silver fox is also a bear. He looks great in leather and even better in nothing at all!

6. Kyle Kash

Do you have your money on Kyle Kash winning a Grabby? Looking at his body, you might want to.

7. Levi Michaels

With light blond hair and dazzling blue eyes, Levi is a total babe. He’s a sight for sore eyes, and a hole for a hard cock.

8. Mr. Cali

The reason Mr. Cali is so sexy is right in front of your eyes and right between his legs.

9.  Pierre Fitch

He’s got muscles, tattoos, and the hearts of gay and bi guys across the globe.

10. Will Wikle

He used to be on Big Brother, and soon he’ll be a daddy.

Who is your favourite porn star? Leave a comment down below.

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22 comments on “Nominate Your Favourite Porn Star #Grabbys
  1. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Tough call but I’m going for Ace Era

  2. hrychstlvr69 says:

    A suggestion. Might have been interesting to start with a wide open request for nominations and then chosen the short list of 10 from the performers with the most nominations. I was surprised at some of the guys missing.

    • bruno15 says:

      Once you click on “nominate now”, there’s a list of literally hundreds of guys to choose from and you can nominate whoever you want under “other” if he’s not already listed. No problem

  3. needmen says:

    Ohhhh Pierre…..

  4. mbjk1956 says:

    Levi Michaels

  5. sicilianmikey says:

    So many choices in the list. I wish we could vote for our top 10 and narrow them down.

  6. ezed says:

    I Andrew Stark. He’s the cutest.

  7. imup4it2010 says:

    Would be helpful if you posted all the pics of entrants. I don’t watch a lot of commercial pork so would be helpful to see them all

  8. jim42 says:

    Will Wikle for best UP AND CUMMING!!!

  9. athleticsyd says:

    Cliff Jensen

  10. painfree says:

    Pierre fitch. Ohh yea

  11. lever says:

    ace era please

  12. ZJ23 says:

    Griffin Barrows got my vote, one hot little fucker 🙂

  13. justa41 says:

    Hello Kristopher….😉

  14. mullato65 says:

    Brad Kalvo. He is hot

  15. Maluk1 says:

    Mr. Cali! By a long shot!

  16. loveman50 says:

    Ace Era is my man.

  17. williamjones says:

    mr.cali the reason I just love sucking big black cocks.

  18. 67d says:



  19. HORYMAN6969 says:

    Well if I could I would take oh I mean I would choose .Ace,Andrew,Pierre,cliff and will