MEN’S ‘Top To Bottom’… William Seed Gets Barebacked by Ryan Bones in His Bottoming Debut brings you a double treat! Our first bareback scene featuring one of our favourite new exclusive’s William Seed and…he’s bottoming! Watch him get pounded by Ryan Bones. You definitely do not want to miss this.

SGT.COACH NOTE: Yes, these SUPER HOT guys are posing for these MEN publicity shots. I know a lot of you HATE “posing”… but remember some guys like when models look into the camera. It’s like (in this shoot) having Seed look at you (the camera) -and when he’s taking Bones’ huge throbbing dick- it looks like he’s taking your dick inside of him. Fun part of porn is the illusion… the tease. So if you HATE posing and models looking in the camera… cool. Just maybe try not to comment on your hate every time I post a scene shoot. There’s something to be said about positive comments and respecting a model’s physical appearance and other peoples’ fantasies. Just a thought… CHEERS GUYS, XXX SGT. COACH

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31 comments on “MEN’S ‘Top To Bottom’… William Seed Gets Barebacked by Ryan Bones in His Bottoming Debut
  1. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Could have been so much hotter without playing to the camera. And I’d prefer Brock with some pubes.
    Beyond that, scene looks very hot and there are some great pics. Both guys are complete studs to look at. Ryan — just… Damn!

  2. Jerry11 says:

    Just a big pass for me. Boring looking at the camera for one thing.

  3. irakeven says:

    omg, the perfect bottom, just want to get my mouth around his cock & fuck him senseless, now pass the tissues im about to shoot my load

  4. sicilianmikey says: finally went bareback, a growing trend in gay porn…hell, the breeders never stopped…I figured it was coming. Next step, they and all their other studios need to embrace, stop staring at the damn camera!!!

  5. FitFella4Fun says:

    A hot pairing and the vids made up for the publicity shots. Especially nice to see some cumshots in the last vid which usually end before the real climax.

  6. bruno15 says:

    Totally agree with Sgt Coach’s comments. Not sure why some people on hear moan every time about the models looking at the camera, the same as some guys on here complain each time they see an uncircumcised cock! If you don’t like it, check out some other sites instead. Hate the negativity about what are, after all, FREE porn shots/ FREE videos. Get a life, guys

  7. assraunch says:

    Can’t wait to see more bareback on They always have the best looking men.

  8. seekking says:

    Why shave your man pubes?
    A turn off for me even on a hot guy like Bones.
    It is like sex with a little boy, UGH !

  9. onlysex says:

    Hot guys, hot raw scenes. My type of sex.

  10. pmaul says:

    Can’t say anything positive except both guys are handsome.

  11. tackyt says:

    hot raw scenes i would love to get bred by them

  12. RI_Red says:

    Totally agree with bruno15……As my Momma used to say “If don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  13. Rogue125 says:

    Some of us like the trimmed smooth look.

  14. guymeat1 says:

    Both are hot as hell but I’d have to go with Ryan….btw, I thought I saw a condom….I don’t think it was BB.

  15. needmen says:

    Pretty damn hot despite being uncut and shaved. I WOULD NOT SAY NO!

  16. spiritman says:

    lots of the same ol whining……….. geez … but covered the uncut dislike, the shaved pubes dislike, the looking into the camera dislike.. but you missed whinging about the tatts !!!!!!!!!!. c’mon boys.. you are losing it !!

    • rooster8 says:

      Damn, you’re right, spiritman! OK, how’s this:

      The tats I like are the ones that have some artistry that appeals to me, be it image, shape, colour, symbolism, placement, etc. Even some heavily inked men are beautiful to me if it’s done well.
      The ones that repel me are those that look like the guy just passed out drunk one night, and his joker buddies went to town on him with a bunch of magic markers! Some models I’ve seen here have tats that are that fucking bad!

      There – Hope this covers the “tat-whining” requirement for today’s bitch-fest. 🙂

  17. rptop says:

    William Seed… the worst performer in ridiculous plotline porn, played the “butch” “pissed off I’m gonna fuck you faggot” till now. his bad acting has gotten awful as a bottom. His phony expression of pain while being fucked is made even sillier with him showing off his pierced tongue. The sculpted brows clinch it, McDonald’s called, they want their arches back

  18. booboo79 says:

    Love the bareback fucking! I love treasure island media’s films myself- just once, I wish they fucking make a film that reverses the roles- can you imagine being the sound guy or camera man filming all this hot fucking? And you’re behind the scenes with a raging hard on- come on- I want to see the guys behind the scenes get their chance to bust a nut on a hot willing hole. Anyone else have a similar fantasy?
    I don’t usually bottom as I am the top in my relationship. but fuck, I would love to get gang banged for once.

  19. bike69 says:

    My ass and cock ready join in.

  20. sdtony56 says:

    I would let either one of them TOP ME or I’d Top Them Too. I like the Brunette much more, but I’d never turn the Blonde away either.

  21. urswordswallower says:

    I couldn’t agree with Sgt Coach, Bruno or RI_RED more. I’m not crazy about the staring-at-the-camera shots, but I’m not going to complain about them EVERY TIME they show up. I’m mature enough to know not every pic is displayed for my pleasure alone—others like things I may not. And as for cut vs uncut, tats vs no tats, shaved vs not shaved, etc, variety is the spice of life. I just appreciate the many hot pics that are shown, and get over the ones that aren’t my specific tastes. And, by the way, thanks for showing them all.

  22. BadDude2 says:

    Stop pulling out when the top cums. Let all that sperm go in deep and just maybe some will leak out. Fucking bareback purpose is to seed the bottom with the full load, DON’T PULL OUT TOPS. Most guys know what cum looks like.

  23. BadDude2 says:

    One other comment, barebacking is more normal than most guys thinks now, esp with Prep being available. I find lots of neg guys taking prep are allowing poz guys to fuck them. Amazing how times have changed for the better.

  24. ljg says:

    Both are very hot and beautiful uncut COCKS…

  25. ring says:

    So hot man they have nice cocks so hot uncut cock as soon as looking at those pic and video I needed to stroke mine mmmmmm