24 HOUR BONER W/ Rikk York, Nate Stetson & Jett Rink…




RAGING STALLION: Just as Rikk York and Nate Stetson are finishing blowing each other, Jett Rink walks in. He’s been waiting for his buddy Nate outside for 20 minutes. When Jett finds Rikk and Nate naked and full of cum, he’s slightly annoyed. The two studs make it up to Jett by getting him out of his pants and shirt and licking his toned body and hung trimmed cock. Rikk works on Jett’s meat as Nate pulls up the rear and rims Jett’s tight ass. This trio doesn’t waste a minute getting down to business and after lubing Jett up with his tongue, Nate bends him over and slides his big cock deep inside his buddy. Jett gets spit roasted with a dick in each hole. Rikk wants to feel the inside of Jett’s asshole and takes his position over the hunk next to the cash register. Rikk plows away until he begs to get his own hole filled. Nate takes over and shoves his cock inside Rikk’s big hairy ass. He pumps away with one goal in mind and gets what he wants when Rikk and Jett lick up his load and snowball the fresh load in their mouths. Rikk and Jett are soon to follow and with the taste of Nate still in their mouths, they swab the floor with buckets of cum that Rikk will most likely have to clean up later.

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9 comments on “24 HOUR BONER W/ Rikk York, Nate Stetson & Jett Rink…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Nate and Jett, please!!!!

  2. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Trio of hot guys, but it’s Nate for me.

  3. TongueToHole says:

    There’s something oddly appealing about Jett. In certain shots, he kinda looks like a younger version of porn actor Adam Herst.

  4. ncstripsearch says:

    Rikk all the way!!

  5. cardiffmikey says:

    id take them all 😉

  6. pmaul says:


  7. iam1cocksucker says:

    Instant man crush…
    So HANDSOME… Love his face…eyes…nose…ears…beard…lips…love his body…cock…balls…nipples…midsection…tight ass…I just can’t believe anyone would keep JETT waiting 20 minutes. Oh, COOL name to.

  8. senior60 says:

    Rikk is hot, could over look those ugly tats to rim and suck him off

  9. bike69 says:

    Like to join in.