Postcards From LA: Jack Hunter and Ollie Flip-Fuck @ COCKY BOYS…

COCKY BOYS: Jack Hunter & Ollie’s (formerly Ollie of Sean Cody) fun and flirty day at the beach winds down with a balmy sunset, but when they return to their room their simmering sexual chemistry bursts into a full flame of passion right as soon as they close the door. After deep kissing one another, Jack makes his way down Ollie’s hard body to his cock where his mouth engulfs his hardening cock. Soon Ollie is eager to return the pleasure…especially once he gets a look at Jack’s ginormous cock. He has to use his hands and his mouth to take on Jack, but Ollie perseveres in his oral challenge.

Ollie gets a brief break when Jack Hunter lies him back and and sucks him so well that he puts him in a state of moaning and submissive pleasure. Jack merely utters the words and he has Ollie opening his legs for him. Jack inches his cock into Ollie with gentle precision but still a wide-eyed, open-mouthed Ollie can’t help but say, “Holy shit…oh my God”. At first Ollie can barely take half of Jack and continues to swear but he urges him to go deeper and give Ollie the chance to take more. Jack Hunter is able to move a little faster and deeper and he finds that sweet spot inside Ollie that makes the bottom ask for more, turning from gasps to deep voiced moans.

Ollie also wants to top Jack Hunter and in one swift change he’s fucking him on his back, hard and deep so that Jack is the one gasping and moaning. He shifts to a reverse cowboy where his hard cock swings like pendulum and Ollie can only briefly get a hold of it. Jack turns around to ride Ollie and soon he’s shooting his thick load over his abs. Ollie finishes up jerking his cock in a heated frenzy and his cum shoots everywhere. Jack still manages to capture some and the rest he sucks off of Ollie’s sensitive cock and licks off his body. Who knew their laid-back day at the beach would become an intense and passionate dusk?

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3 comments on “Postcards From LA: Jack Hunter and Ollie Flip-Fuck @ COCKY BOYS…
  1. joeynmtgy8 says:

    I’d kind of like to see Jack without that silly mustache. (On his CockyBoys page, his profile pic still shows the “goatee” look; he should go back to that or shave the ‘stache.)
    Other than that, I’d be happy with either guy.

  2. sicilianmikey says:

    Hot, hot, hot!!!

  3. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Ditto the ‘stache comment, otherwise 2 hot guys and a good set