The Best Holiday Packages

In the last few years how many gifts have you actually made good use of? All too often the things we give each other end up collecting dust on a shelf, or, even worse, end up in the garbage. That’s why you need to think carefully about what you get someone — especially if they’re a special someone.

This year, surprise a hot guy with a sexy gift. Get him a package that makes his jaws drop, so to speak. Not sure where to start? Here are a few sexy gifts to give a partner, hookup, or crush.

1. A New Jockstrap

Sexy underwear is expensive. Let’s be honest. And sometimes it’s hard to justify spending that kind of money on yourself. You feel like the money would be better spent on things you actually need, not that you just want. That’s why a jockstrap is the perfect gift. It’s something guys want but have a hard time justifying buying. So go ahead – pick out some assless underwear that will get you into a guy’s pants.

2. A Dildo

Do you want to gift that makes the recipient feel good on the inside? Then a dildo is probably a good bet. While this is a good gift for someone you care about, it’s also a good gift for someone you dislike — you can tell them to go fuck themselves.

3. A Dildo… Of Your Dick

Instead of getting a generic dildo, why not get one in the exact shape of your dick? You can buy kits that create a mould of your cock. You then mix some powder into some water and fill the mould. The end result is an exact replica of your cock, ready for someone else’s enjoyment. Now you can be in them, even when you’re not with them.

4. A Sexy Game

Your local sex shop probably has a novelty section, which includes sexy games. This can include packaged versions of truth or dare, sexy dice, boardgames, or sexy card games. These can be fun way to spice up your sex life, especially if you bring in other players. Plus, even if the game is kind of lame, you’ll probably end up fucking anyway.

5. Sex

At the end of the day, what better way to show someone you’re into them than by fucking them? So go ahead, whip it out, bend over, and rock around the Christmas tree. And if the gift isn’t for someone you want to have sex, why not gift them a membership so they can find someone to have sex with instead? At the end of the day, the best gift is a nice package.


Which of these gifts would you want to receive? Leave a comment down below.

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9 comments on “The Best Holiday Packages
  1. BearStar4U2 says:

    All FIVE Sets of the Photos were Smoking HOT !
    Except for the guys that needed to SHAVE or Trim
    their Beards !!! I especially liked Photo # 2 of
    Set # Two ( Dildos ) Wow , what a nice Long Stiff
    Cock that young Man was jacking ! HOT !
    # 1 Photo of Set Five,…. Scarry !

  2. pmaul says:

    I’d rather have the real thing.

  3. bimale1954 says:

    All of them.

  4. andrew_44 says:

    2 for me so hot

  5. airlieguy says:

    hi there merry Christmas and Happy New Year sexy bunch of guys great job

  6. sicilianmikey says:

    I’d say 99% of them would be quite nice to enjoy time with.

  7. RI_Red says:

    #5 first shot “Frank the Tank” YUM….

  8. gary47 says:

    I will take all of them but if I only get to choose one it will be #5….woof woof

  9. bike69 says:

    I guess go for jockstrap my first choice.