12 Days of Cockmas is BACK!

We’ve heard you’ve been very naughty this year…

Well, we’re quite happy about it and want to reward you for all of the dirty, dirty things you’ve been getting up to on Squirt.org.

We’re giving away 12 hot prizes on Twitter every day leading up to Cockmas! That’s right, we’re emptying our sacks and giving you 12 days of hot ‘n horny giveaways.

How To Enter:

1. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter @SquirtOrg.
2. Like & Retweet the official #Cockmas tweet that you want to win – you can enter to win each day!
3. We’ll randomly select winners from the list of users who liked and retweeted our post – seriously, it’s that easy.

Click here for a full list of terms and conditions.

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7 comments on “12 Days of Cockmas is BACK!
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    I’d welcome a contest with a random drawing for those of us unable, unwilling, or reluctant to like or interact with Squirt openly. My social media is free of any such stuff for several personal and private reasons.

    Some of us, many of us are connected with family, friends, co-workers, former classmates, offspring/nieces/nephews, parents, etc, etc. Not everyone needs to know our sex lives. I don’t see my straight friends advertising for Tinder.

    A contest kept private would be nice. How ’bout it, Squirt?

  2. flamingkisser says:

    Yes I kind of agree on this one. More competitions on the squirt site so as to maintain a little privacy and to keep the website community lively!

  3. parklandguy says:

    Umm.. Not all your long time users have Twitter accounts and don’t want one. So the contest is not fair to all. Agree with the others on privacy issues..

  4. needmen says:

    Totally agree. Keep it in the family….

  5. showitoff says:

    LOL so follow and like a re-tweet to be entered to win….what about privacy issues….? I might not have a problem with that showing up in my twitter,but your eliminating a good part of your membership base from even playing the twitter game…

  6. rooster8 says:

    Cockmas?? – That would be the holiday in honour of Jesus Cock??… On your knees and pray?

  7. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Fully agree with the comments regarding how this contest / giveaways. Linking it to Twitter may work as a marketing tool for Squirt but can’t see any upsides for the membership.