Are you using the right lube for the right job?

Lube isn’t always as simple as it looks. With a wide variety of products available, it’s important to make sure you have the right lube for job ahead. Preparing ahead of time by buying the right lube can make all the difference in the bedroom to help you set the mood, and avoid potentially awkward situations.

So bone up on these lube facts and make sure you don’t slip through the cracks.

When using toys avoid silicone lubes

Depending on the material of the toy your silicone lube may damage it. To be safe, opt for a water-based lube instead.

Latex and oils don’t mix

If you’re using a latex condom stay away from oil based lubricants. The oils can break down the latex, weakening the condom and putting you at risk of breakage.

Turn up the heat

Hot Lubes are specifically designed to create heat during sex. They’re a unique way to spice things up and intensify feelings in the bedroom.

Lube can help you last longer

Desensitizing lube can help improve sex sessions by desensitizing the penis of the top to help him last longer while penetrating. Start out with a small amount and increase from there to make sure you don’t over do it!

Lubes help you take more

For bottoms with a lower pain threshold numbing lubes can be used to help you take more. It’s important to be careful, go slow and remain in control to avoid doing any damage while using numbing lubes.


Save money in bulk

On a budget? A great way to save money is by buying powdered lube. The initial purchase might be slightly higher but the investment pays off in the long run. Each session only requires a bit of powder mixed with some water and you can pre-make as much as you want then store it in a bottle.



There’s no one best lube

Different lubes are more popular for different jobs, so it’s always advisable to have a variety on hand. According to esmale, Some of the most popular personal lubricants are:

Water-based: Liquid Silk
Silicone: Pjur
Oil Based: Gun Oil
Fisting: J Lube

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8 comments on “Are you using the right lube for the right job?
  1. pmaul says:

    Cum is the best lube, of course.

  2. wheart says:

    Saliva also works well.

  3. fuckableass72 says:

    Anesthetizing lubes help you “take more” if you have a low pain threshold… WTF?!

    Take more… what?

    Your pain threshold is the point at which the body lets you know that you’ve incurred enough damage and any more damage may be too much for it to repair 100%, leaving you a lasting but regrettable memory of whatever you were doing. Except for an emergency or unavoidable situation, an anesthetizing drug should be used to reduce pain from damage already incurred, while you rest and recover. Reduced pain sensation will help to keep the amount of inflammation down, which promotes faster healing. Even then, you have to be careful to not be lulled into thinking that you’re cured and can resume normal activity because you don’t feel so much pain.

    Using drugs as a preemptive mechanism to go beyond your pain threshold, i.e. so you won’t even know that you’ve reached the point when YOU’VE HURT YOURSELF, is remarkably stupid and irresponsible advice, especially for sex, but apparently is par for the course in the gay live-it-to-the-hilt-and-excess community. If you have to go that far to get a kick out of sex, you need psychiatric help, not lube. If you’re incurring the damage so your partner can have a jolly good extended ride, tell him to see a men’s health specialist–delayed ejaculation may be a symptom of something going awry with the endocrine hormones and they have ways to shorten that time fuse. Sex should not involve unwanted pain and bodily harm–especially not due to hedonism or inconsideration.

    • TUXCON says:

      What is so scary about ‘advice’ from irresponsible clowns like this is the possibility young or inexperienced people may take the ‘advice.’ Perhaps a prosecution by the authorities wouldn’t go astray!

    • bigprick says:

      Pain comes from stretching the anal sphincter. The only way to numb it is injectable local anesthetic.

      If you need “numbing gell”, you need a top who knows how to spend the time and open you up.

  4. Biman96 says:


  5. wheart says:

    Food for thought.

  6. macman0123 says:

    Thanks for important info.