Your sex toys are more versatile than you are

Whether rubber or rock, in some form or another sex toys have always been around. Tracing back to the paleolithic era, the industry is now worth upwards of $15 Billion. It’s safe to say there are more than a few marital aids lying around unused. Whether you received an unwanted gift, or your newer purchases have left old ones out of your rotation, there are still ways to put your handheld helpers to work.

Your dildo can double as:

A drawer handle


So you can get to your other toys.


A jewellery stand


Because you’ll need some way to keep all those pearl necklaces organized.


A doorstop


There’s no need to knock if the door’s wide open.


Or a towel rack


To dry off those used rags…


Also, your combination cockring and ballstretcher can also be used to:

Style your hair


Create makeshift Handcuffs


Or just to organize your cables



If all else fails, leave them out on your coffee table as a conversation piece. Nothing breaks the ice like a strategically placed dildo. And when you need to restock you can head to


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7 comments on “Your sex toys are more versatile than you are
  1. biman96 says:

    I had a 12-inch dido that would go all the way up my ass with lube

  2. SicilianMikey says:


  3. urswordswallower says:

    Nice set of pics. Not into toys myself—-prefer the real thing—but it’s nice to see the humor. Thanks.

  4. countryboyric says:

    Ah yes, I love my rubber friends. But I must admit I never thought of using ‘Jason’ as a door stop LOL

  5. gayplaygay says:

    I have a collection of colored glass dildo I often thought of displaying as art.