How To: Add to Your Phone Screen

There’s no app – and for good reason. Being an accessible website lets you share your dirtiest pictures and videos with the hottest guy. But, just because you don’t download doesn’t mean you can’t access it with the same convenience as an app. Adding to your phone’s home screen allows you to use the site just like an app.

Pick the Apple or Android picture down below to see the instructions for your device:


androidicon iosicon1

Adding to the Home Screen of your Android Device

Please note these instructions may vary by device. The following are general guidelines for the process.

1. From your phone’s browser, go to Do not log into your account.

2. Your browser should have a menu button – either a “more” button or three dots – that appears in the top right corner of the screen.


3. Select “Add Shortcut on Homescreen” or something similar


4. An Icon should appear on your phone’s home screen.


5. Tap the new icon to access

Adding to the Home Screen of your iOS Device

1. Open your browser and visit Do not log into your account.

2. Select the menu box in your browser – usually a box with an arrow.


3. Select “Add to Home Screen.”


4. Rename the icon – either to or something else if you want discretion.


5. Click “add” to create an icon.


6. Tap the new icon to access



Add to your home screen today!

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4 comments on “How To: Add to Your Phone Screen
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Until it’s seen and people know way too much about your personal life. I think it’s just a bit too much. I’m not a prude, but I just don’t feel the need to put it (personal choices of a sexual nature) on display.

    • joeynmtgy8 says:

      Gods, dude. What IS your problem tonight? First, you’re bitching about “pig” being “degrading” and now you’re whining about adding something to a phone. It’s not like anyone is forcing YOU to add this to your phone but what’s the fucking problem? This is information for EVERYONE. It’s not up to YOU to decide what people want to have on their phones unless YOU are paying for their phones and paying their phone bills. Obviously, someone using a company phone shouldn’t be putting this (or ANY personal sites) on their phones but this was probably put out there for people who want it on their PERSONAL phones and don’t have a problem if other people find out about it.
      And, for what it’s worth, you could make the SAME argument about Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or Instagram or any other social media site on a person’s phone. But, I don’t imagine you’re going to fret that people may “know way too much about your personal life” if THOSE sites are on someone’s home screen.