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Get ready for Pig Week in Fort Lauderdale

Pig Week, Fort Lauderdale (image supplied)

Do you like your sexual encounters to be a rough and ready pleasure-fest? Then you might want to turn your attention to Fort Lauderdale. Pig Week hits town from 23 November through until 3 December 2018. I caught up with

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Are you up-to-speed with PrEP and On-Demand Dosing?

Jacen Zhu and Roman Todd for Noir Male

In the sexual health landscape for gay men, there’s been some relatively recent developments that have been major game-changers. Undetectable = Untransmittable Often referred to in the short-hand as U=U, what this means is that if someone has HIV but

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The turn-on of porn-art

Logan Moore by Nicolas Brunet (image supplied)

Nicolas Brunet is an illustrator based in Bordeaux, France. As well as being a contributing artist to Class Comics, every day he posts to Twitter his hot-as-fuck drawings of the men from the world of gay porn. I caught up

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Vic Valentine - Delivering Danish Dick

Vic Valentine (image supplied)

Vic Valentine moved from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, and began exploring the leather and fetish scene of his adopted city. I caught up with Vic soon after he had taken things to the next level – launching his porn career. We’ve

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Rafael Alencar. Photo: Joe Oppedisano (image supplied)

I caught up with Rafael Alencar to talk travel, underwear, and retirement. What led you to make the move from being a dentist to start exploring a career in porn? One of my patients made me an offer that I’d

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